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So Far So Good…

Posted by Nadeem Basha on 2019-11-06 at 6:31 PM

Ok. So this is my second attempt to write this down and it might be all over the place.

I would sum my year in one line – Life can get tricky, but fortune favors the bold.

I have been playing a lot of online MTT’s lately. One can say that I am putting in the full schedule of all the major online MTT’s happening in the country.

As for live, it has been a little off but still. The good news is that I managed to do quite a few chops recently and cleared a big makeup. Not that there was any pressure per se, but makeup can really affect one’s mindset even if you are staked. But being coached by the best in the industry helped me get through it all.

Adi has been spending hours with us in coaching sessions, and we now have a session almost every day. Whether it’s theory or hand history review, we are doing it all. There is much more and all this has helped me a lot.

I have got more refined, and I have started studying at least an hour or two on my game every day without fail.

Last weekend turned out to be a nice one at the end as I finished 2nd in the PokerBaazi BSS SuperStack on Sunday. The one which Jasven bhai shipped.

For now, the plan is to keep putting in the volume. I have seen how the boys have been killing it both online and live. I mean, everyone knows about Ashish Munot shipping the WPT Main and even the epic run of Ankit Wadhwan. When efforts convert into results, it is a great motivator, and hopefully, we too will bring some shipments soon!

Until next time…

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2 years ago

Wow-what an exciting journey, very motivational story for the beginners who carry negative aspects towards life.

Nadeem Basha

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