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So Far So Good

Posted by shashank.s on 2012-07-02 at 12:00 AM

My first ever blog……actually, this is the first time I am putting out in public any sort of writing……..it’s really never-racking. [/FONT]
So far the PGMP has been really epic…… there has been a lot of learning & re-learning of both old & new concepts & thoughts. This has resulted in an overall change in how I look at & react to different situations & spots. There has been quite a massive change in my overall attitude as well, I have become much more aggressive & more importantly more willing to take risks. And this is something that has also been noticed by 2 friends of mine who take time out EVERYDAY to rail me & give their thoughts, THANK YOU both for your undying support to making sure I work towards & achieve my poker goals. [/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]This program has also been been an eye opener of sorts. I am able to understand better all those hands that I have read over the last year or so during the live coverage of various tournaments in Goa. Previously, I used to wonder why on earth are these PG Pro’s shoving hands like[/FONT][FONT=&quot] Q3s,K7s etc etc, and now its all making sense and I understand why stacks sizes & position are so important in MTT’s.

As for results, had a good first month of PGMP. Was able to put together a string of deep runs & chases. And even when i was not able to cash out, i was regularly managing to build big stacks, which is always good. The highlight of the month was a 14th place finish in the Bigger 16.5. I could have easily made it to the FT or even managed a top-3 finish but I really screwed up towards the end because I was making all my decisions keeping an eye on the money jumps. This I feel is where many of us amateurs loose out because we are just too result oriented at times. 1 hand in particular that I still feel sick about, is when I folded AKs from UTG after 3 players had flatted my open & super-aggro player shoved from the BB, in hindsight that was a MONUMENTAL mistake. Well I guess I just need to learn from my mistakes & make sure i don’t repeat them.

The second month was a complete disaster (saw that coming). Was unable to put in the kind of volumes that I would have liked to mainly due to a crazy work schedule. And whenever I did manage to play, I was playing really bad & was just trying way too many things. But I made sure I did some pokering on an everyday basis other than our sessions. I was able to review many of my hand histories from deep runs over the last couple of months. This was definitely helpful & I was able to identify areas in my game that need attention. And for everyone out there who is looking at “working on your game”, start using Universal Re-player……its really helpful & gets you thinking as to why you took a particular line (I didn’t even know it existed up until PGMP 😛 ). [/FONT]

I am really looking forward to July in terms of playing poker & the new concepts that we are set to discuss through the course of the month. Am going to make sure I play my entire schedule EVERY SINGLE DAY of this month. Also with the MicroMillions coming up I am looking forward to making some decent runs. Very excited about the upcoming PGT, most of us are going to be playing. Looking forward to meeting the entire PGMP team, should be loads of fun & some really good action. If any of you are planning to come to Goa to play this month, do plan your trip around the PGT, it should have a great turn-out.

A shout out to PG Mentor Aditya Agarwal who is playing the WSOP ME next week. ALL THE BEST !!!

Until the next time……

Cheers !!! [/FONT]

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