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So, MTT’s it is.

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-11-26 at 12:00 AM

So I finalised the staking agreement for Stake 1 last week. Started grinding mid-week onwards and have put in around 40 odd games. Results have been mixed. No final table. Had a deep run in 2.2 turbo where a CL pot with 22 remaining out of 6K players doesn’t go my way. AQ<77. Ultimately bust out in 20th. Would have cruised to top 3 for a 4 figure pay day (1st ever 4-figure finish) if the coin had fallen on the correct side in that pot. Sigh. My backer is a sort of ex-PGMP-ite himself. He was in the first program but couldn’t keep up with it due to work commitments. He doesn’t have a stable as such. He has had good scores but is not able to grind volume himself so is backing me to do it. Thanks for having the belief in me bro. I will be putting the best efforts for us.

The stake 2 is still open. I will be coming down for PGT-December, if anyone wants to discuss or negotiate on it. Attached herewith the link:

So the path chosen is MTT’s for now. Cash games now take a back seat. After discussing with Sen-da, I was actually going to up my limits in them. But I have not played them since I got on the stake. Don’t intend to play them much as well. Have been putting time down in MTT forum browsing and revising the concepts learnt from PGMP1. Being in PGMP2 is also helping quite a bit. A most +EV thing learning wise has been addition of some good performers in PGMP2 to PGMP1 for HH review sessions. Last HH review session was really good due to these guys especially Sahil. He has had a break out week as well, binking a couple of tourneys for good scores. You will be hearing a lot of this guy (PS sn: antilog). You read it here first folks.

Also congrats once again to Amit Jain (bblacklegend) for binking a MicroMillion event. A first for India I think. Read about it below:

Btw, I had my first cash in PGOL this Sunday. Would have binked it for sure if Sweetu-ji (Bhuvan) hadn’t sucked out on me :p 77<55 in the top 3 battle. Busted 3rd. Feel a monkey is off the back though. Watch out Shawny, I am coming for your title (which looks almost sealed with all due respect to Misra-ji) next year. 😉
I didn’t play many tourneys on Sunday. Decided only to play the big events after EPL matches were over (Worst of EPL Sundays btw, boring boring draws). Played the MM-3, Storm, Main and also the Big 8.8. No cashes. The main was actually terrible. Found myself 500bb deep which was the starting stack with lots of aggro cum stationy players. So decided to take passive lines with value hands trying to smash flops cause if we do, one would get fully paid for sure. Unfortunately never happened and I bled them chips away. Once below 50bb, tried to fight it out. Resistance didn’t last long however. The other two were decent but need to win flippy showdowns in huge fields to get anywhere in them.

Not having to worry about BR is definitely having a positive effect on me as I always felt it would. I am just too much of a BR nit to grind MTT’s on my own dime. Now I can concentrate on just playing and improving my overall MTT game. Having a mentor like Adi and support of PokerGuru gang in the forums and on skype is really a big big help. Now up to the Poker Gods to please not let us run below EV. Tyty.

Till next week then..

Cheers !!

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Vinay Suchede

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