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some hands

Posted by sunny sen on 2013-01-31 at 12:00 AM

First 3+ tabling match of the year versus serial 2p2 hu4rollz challenger chemztry. Played him the past two days at 3-4 tables of 1/2.

Villain is (was?) pretty good and super aggro. He is not super aggro preflop, but is extremely aggro post with lots of turn overbets and his bet sizing in general tends to be on the very larger side when he goes for c-raises or cbets and barrels through. Doesnt pot control flops much in single raised pots at all so that oop defense versus him needs to be tighter than usual.

Think he has been on an extended break and just coming back to the games which kind of nullifies his edge a bit. Also read on 2p2 small stakes forum just a day before this that chemztry is playing 100 and 200 rush (he used to play midstakes+).


within first 5 hands, river is a pretty good card as lots of A high floats get there


standard spot, flop raise also ok, but i usually prefer turn jam


important hand gameflow wise as it lets me play flops and turns more comfortably in the future,


standard eeks




cool cooler coolest


misclick 3 bet followed by obligatory barrels


couldnt put him on a hand here, though backdoors get there, still have to call


Plenty of other hands but too tired to get them now, but both days he quit without warning so need to be careful in giving him action over multiple tables in the future. Seen him hit and run Ronladinhiho at 100PLO over 3 tables also.

Till next time

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sunny sen

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