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Some respite after a below average week

Posted by Kunal Chandra on 2011-02-24 at 12:00 AM

I was seriously starting to have second thoughts abt playing online poker after getting so many beats at crucial stages and losing a majority of flips too. For the last couple of days I just about managed to finish in the money more than half the tourneys I played, but that still was’t satisfactory. I was pretty sure that reading a few books (Harrington on Hold’em, Full Tilt poker strategy guide) had helped my game a bit. I wasn’t making too many steals earlier which really are important if you’re going to run deep, I learnt a new stop-n-go play, which did prove profitable to me in a particular situation.

Stop-n-go play is basically if you’re in a situation when you’ve decided based on on ur starting hand that all ur chips are going in the pot and someone else has made a big raise before you, now instead of shoving just there you smooth call and shove on the flop no matter what falls. The example quoted was, say if you have 88 and are left with 15 BB’s, someone makes a 2.5x raise preflop, when you smooth call and shove on the flop, there’s a good chance that if that person raised with 2 over’s he missed the flop and will fold to you, however if has an overpair he did have u beat all the way thru and u might still get him to fold if an overcard drops on the flop.

The hand that I played was deep in a tourney, someone made a 3x raise from hijack and i have J10s in small blind, this guy has around 8 more BB’s behind and I want to resteal the pot but there’s a good chance he has a decent hand I just dont feel like getting in a race or maybe I am drawing pretty thin. I smooth call with the same strategy and shove on K27 board, the guy folds and revealed he had AQ, he put me on KQ n said I was a lucky donkey.. lol.. anyway this seemed like a profitable play to me since the percentage of him hitting the board with 2 big cards is lesser than him missing it.. so a good strategy to resteal pots in later stages.

This same tourney I was 3rd in chips on the final table, UTG was the short stack and shoved 2BB’s, I have QQ on the button and reshove for 40BB’s, the BB who has me covered wakes up with AA and busts me in 8th position. It was definitely a good run and I was sure it was coming the way I had been playin for a few days, I hope the coming week will bring me a win and I show some profit after a few weeks of learning online poker.

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Kunal Chandra

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