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Posted by Arturo on 2012-09-11 at 12:00 AM

Sorry as i didn’t fulfill my commitment of finishing 1st, but i have some decent deep runs with no big ones, overall my stats from last two weeks are like : Played 72, ITM 19,ROi -70…
my ROI goes negative mainly because i play two wcoop events breaking BR rule, but i think its worth having the experience of such a big events, played decently one 215 wcoop event and busted QQ vs KK hand with 30 bb eff stack…
was deep in 11 big last Sunday fiished 147 or something adi and sumit was railing me, which also makes me confident and also some nervousness, i have decent chiplead when i lost 2 coinf flip back to back which cripled me and busted shortly thereafter, what was fun while playing 11 big, i was railing adi and KC same time so whole Sunday night i was watching adi and kc grinding and slept at 4.3 am morning, which was very unusual for me (online), as i have to open my shop on 10.3. Chating with great players and analysing some hands while they play is great education itself, feeing lucky to have that.

Missed my Last PGT and now UPC was really desperate to play some live action hope i will make my next PGT tour..


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