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Soulcrushing Online grind

Posted by Aditya Sushant on 2011-03-09 at 12:00 AM

Blogging this at 11:20 am rite now..been awake since a bit before 3:30 am mainly because I wanted to play the miniftops event that was at 3:30 am…ended up playing a bunch of tournies in the end including the ones from my usual schedule. Turned out to be just another disappointing grind eventually..so pissed off. I had my mind all clear and was focused from beginning to end. Got going great in many tournies but ended up getting coolered, bad beated and sucked out in many of them in good spots.

This 1 for eg..I flop the nut straight and other guy has 2 pair. This pot would have propelled me to 2nd position..almost the chip lead with 152 ppl left outta the starting field of 1,114..

Busted out after guy sucked out rite away on the turn and ended up not cashing..

Then in the 32k guar tourney, 1457 entries and the prizepool was 35k. I hav just below avg stack..

Busted out in 38th..cashed for like 80 bucks..1st was 7.5k. Got semi coolered I’d say..wasnt losing a chip more except for this river card.

And now just a while back in the fifty-fifty on full tilt, 977 entries..153 getting paid, I get the ultimate cooler of all…

Never in a million yrs can I get away from this spot. Busted out in 158th just short of the money. Perfect example of how extremely the human emotion can change in less than half a minute..And to top it all this was a sb vs bb situation..FU Full Tilt!

Was on top of my game almost all the way..definitely felt like I was gonna make it big in at least one of the tournies..guess it just wasn’t meant to be 🙁 Here’s a pretty pissed off me signing off..

P.S.- My IPS trip was a fail as well..couldn’t cash in any of the 3 tournies. I did feel I played pretty well in the 5k rebuy and the 15 main event tho..cash games were just meh…

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Aditya Sushant

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