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Spartan Bankroll Challenge Musings.

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2015-10-01 at 12:00 AM

The first Spartan Bankroll Challenge is nearing its end. Though it looks like I may bubble it, it’s not a bad bubble to be in ;-). I have loved this challenge format. It keeps me motivated. I have played almost every single day. Kudos to the brainchild behind this creative idea and of course to the Spartan team for supporting it. I have in fact enrolled myself to the next challenge (the PLO one) as well.

It looks like a win win for all parties involved. Spartan gets the action (and the promotion). Players get the oppurtunity with very little downside.

While it was expected (atleast by me) that the ratio of players who end up in profit vs those in loss would be more weighted towards those who show a loss; it has been astounding that so many busted their rolls so early.

Tilt and poor BR management has been a major factor for this performance by many who worryingly are aspiring to be poker professionals. I have seen major tilt issues actually. Players rebuying and sliding all their chips every hand after couple of beats. Sigh. (I understand this happens at poker tables everywhere but it shouldn’t happen to you if you are aspiring to be a professional poker player) All your percieved edge has gone to the bin. Some really scant respect shown for money. Though on the poker table one should always view them as chips and take decisions based purely on math, there is no math/skill when you keep sliding 100bb stacks in preflop. You are just gambling/squandering money away (and if you are an overall winner; your win-rates are taking huge dents, the ones you worked so hard to achieve).

Watch the video at the end of the blog to see what money as little as Rs.1000 means to people. (PS: I currently define myself as an agnostic 🙂

I hope us Spartan PLO BR challengers do a better job at this. I have not played PLO much. I used to play it only as a part of micro stakes 8-game a couple of years back. So there is some easy money to be made from me. Don’t squander the oppurtunity. 😉

Good luck to us! Cheers!!

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Vinay Suchede

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