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Spartan Bankroll Challenge: Pot Limit Omaha

Posted by Rohit Bhalla on 2015-09-25 at 12:00 AM

Hi All,

Omaha is one of the oldest and most exciting variant of poker in the world. In India as well this game has really caught the fancy of young and old players alike in the last 2 years, especially as they find Omaha (PLO) tables to be more fun and action packed in comparison to Hold’em tables.

However, the skill set required to be a successful Omaha player is quite unique and a good Hold’em player doesn’t automatically translate his success to the PLO tables. Players often have difficulty adjusting to the high variance nature of the game, while still trying to figure out the best approach and strategy as they continue to play more of this game.

Keeping this in mind, we at [B]PokerGuru[/B] and [B]SpartanPoker.com[/B] would like to offer all players a chance to test and refine their PLO skills with minimum risk to their own bankrolls.

[B][U]Spartan Bankroll Challenge (PLO only):[/U][/B]

[B]Participants:[/B] 20-25 players. Applicants must have a decent understanding of PLO along with playing experience.

[B]Staking:[/B] INR 50,000 starting bankroll. Gives more room to participants in high variance PLO tables.

[B]Target:[/B] Play 7,500 hands of Omaha in 30 days.

[B]Limits:[/B] MAX 25/50, ONLY PLO, any number of tables on SpartanPoker.com

[B]Profits:[/B] 100% of profits after completing 7,500 hands goes to the player.

[B]Risk:[/B] Penalty of ₹10,000 on losing all of the staring roll or non completion of target hands. Refundable deposit in Spartan bank account before starting challenge.

[B]Caution:[/B] Collusion/chip dumping will result in immediate freezing of funds in both accounts.

[B]Prize:[/B] The winner gets Three Months staking deal for cash games (max 100/200) and tourneys (max 10k buy in) on SpartanPoker.com and Deltin Royale poker room. Profits 50:50 split monthly basis. Staking downside capped @ 500k per player. Staking also includes personal one on one coaching and weekly reviews.

Interested players can apply by sending a mail to [B]promotions@SpartanPoker.com[/B], using the format as below:

Spartan ScreenName:
PLO Experience:
Also attach your picture in the email.

We will be finalizing participants by 1st Oct and the Challenge kicks off on the 2nd Oct.

Before applying please be sure on the terms and stipulations above. We’ve increased the starting bankroll to ₹50,000 and capped it to 25/50 due to the high variance nature of the game. Apply only if you truly believe you have the discipline to last this bankroll for 7,500 hands and still show a profit, and be committed to prove it to us.

Good Luck at the tables!

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Rohit Bhalla

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