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Spartan Bankroll Challenge

Posted by Rohit Bhalla on 2015-08-29 at 12:00 AM

Hi All,

Building a poker bankroll from scratch is a tough ask where the odds are always stacked against you. It will lead to many sleepless nights after the struggle to eke out consistent profits on the felt, while at the same time keeping the variance low.

Keeping this in mind, we at [B]PokerGuru [/B]and [B]SpartanPoker.com[/B] have come up with a month long promotion to help players who are starting off on their poker journey.

[B][U]Spartan Bankroll Challenge[/U][/B]:

[B]Participants:[/B] 30 players max. First come basis.

[B]Staking:[/B] 25,000 starting bankroll.

[B]Target:[/B] Play 7,500 hands in 30 days.

[B]Limits:[/B] Max 50/100, any cash game, any number of tables on SpartanPoker.com

[B]Profits:[/B] 100% of profits after completing 7,500 hands goes to the player.

[B]Risk:[/B] Penalty of 5,000 on losing all of the staring roll or non completion of target hands. Refundable deposit on SpartanPoker.com before starting challenge.

[B]Caution:[/B] Collusion/chip dumping will result in immediate freezing of funds in both accounts.

[B]Prize:[/B] Top 3 winners get Three Months staking deal for cash games (max 100/200) and tourneys (max 10k buy in) on SpartanPoker.com and Deltin Royale poker room. Profits 50:50 split monthly basis. Staking downside capped @ 500k per player. Staking also includes personal one on one coaching and weekly reviews.

Interested players can apply in the PG forum thread listed at bottom, using the format as below:

[B]Your brief poker journey so far[/B]:

We will be finalizing participants by [B]2nd Sept[/B] and the Challenge kicks off on the [B]4th of September[/B].

Looking forward to see the results of this exciting Bankroll Challenge a month from now. Good Luck at the tables!


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Rohit Bhalla

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