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Spartan BR Challenge: Volume Hurdle Jumped!

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2015-09-18 at 12:00 AM

Been a while since I blogged on/or played poker. I had played a lot of zoom poker on PokerStars in 2013/14. It left me a little bit burnt out. Multi-tabling 6max zoom and then evaluating HH after session is energy sapping hard work. I had worked myself up to 25nl. A 10BI 50nl shot didn’t work out. That halted my progress and zest. I wanted to keep running it up. Maybe I had run a bit better but meh, edges at mid-stakes+ 100BB 6-max NLH on Stars are just too thin imo.
Thus when I applied for Spartan BR Challenge, and even though it involved only 7500 hands, I was not sure I was ready/could put in that volume. Also I had apprehensions having played previously on Indian poker sites about slow buggy software, number of tables/players, multi-accounting, cash-outs etc.

Cash-outs wise; I was re-assured as it was being backed by most reliable Indian poker people / brands in Rohit Bhalla, IPC and PokerGuru.

Software wise it has been a surprisingly pleasant experience. Though it is not PokerStars customizable level, but there is a smoothness and bug-free nature to it. With it being only accepting legit deposit options like bank transfer / CC etc, multi-accounting problem is taken care to a certain extent as well.

My apprehensions on volume have been unfounded as I have also been able to multi-table (ps: a table starter option in software would really help prop up more tables) and clock in 8k+ hands in 2 weeks of evening/late night play at only 5-10 and 10-20 tables. I have not played higher limits (being a BR nit as usual :p) but there is always action at 25-50, 50-100 if I do decide to take a shot. 100-200 tables run intermittently.

As of today, I find myself in 3rd place in the challenge. 1st spot occupied by user nick “Mangesh” who really seems out of sight, close to 6 figures! I haven’t played with him much. He seems to be crushing the PLO tables. 2nd is my poker buddy and pro Jaideep “doobmaro” who is the best player I have encountered yet at the lower limits. I am sure he is going to really run it up. ‘Godfather’ at 4th is putting an insane number of volume. Others I am sure will try to catch up in the coming couple of weeks. Good luck to us!


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Vinay Suchede

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