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Starting of the 4 Seasons of Poker – Summer Edition

Posted by Rajeev Kanjani on 2011-04-28 at 12:00 AM

Hello Folks,

We are exactly 20 days away before the 4 Seasons of Poker – Summer Edition gets rolling, and already ideas are flowing into our heads, as to what we can do to make our Series, one of the best in the country for this current series and future ones.

We are trying our level best, to make poker tournaments in Goa, one of the best experiences for everyone, and maybe someday we will be able to match the International Class of Poker that is held world over.

Like we always say, that we strive to be different, and we have done it once again.

5 Days of Non-Stop Poker Action
30 Minute Blind Levels
100K Cash for the POY Title
Multi-Format tournaments – Many of which we were the trend starters for.

Sol Poker Room, in Casino Pride has been one of our personal favorites to play in. The Poker Room is incredible, with top notch service, and excellent spread of food. All these may be not so important, but, personally I like to get a good fill of food and drinks during the long hours of tournament and cash play in Poker Rooms.

I have played in Macau quite a bit, but, personal approach is what we excel here in India, and maybe that is there because we are still playing with early 100’s of players unlike the international tournaments, wherein 1000’s take part. I don’t see that happening anytime soon, due to the many restrictions in India, but, nevertheless, there is no harm to be hopeful.

We will be having more surprises and prizes announced soon, till then, all players who would like to play our live tournament, do register at [url]http://bit.ly/AcesSummer[/url]. Full info on the tournament schedule, etc … is available on [url]www.acesunlimited.net[/url]. If you would like to stay connected on our announcements, would request you all to add our alias [url]http://www.facebook.com/acesunlimited2010[/url] on facebook, to stay informed of all happenings of Aces Unlimited current and future announcements.

Lastly, do not miss the chance in playing our Online Satellite in association with PokerGuru for a chance to win a 20K Main Event Seat + 300 US$. Click here for details:- [url]https://pokerguru.in/forum/showthread.php?533-Win-seats-to-the-ACES-UNLIMITED-Summer-Edition-and-Cash-Prizes[/url]

Good luck to all of you and see you soon in Goa.


Aces Unlimited

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Rajeev Kanjani

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