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Stay safe, grind online!

Posted by Shashank Desai on 2020-03-16 at 12:56 PM

Hi Guys, back with a new blog. Hope everyone had a pleasant Holi and played it safe.

With the recent pandemic, I am mostly limited to my house, as are most of you. It’s a little mundane to be limited to the house for days, but to be honest , it’s good as a poker player. Cutting down on time spent outside socialising, going to the movies, eating out etc helps me to dedicate more time towards poker in general, whether it be learning, self assessment, or volume. With the worst yet to come (imo), I think we will see more and more players adopting a home-life strategy, and in light of that, it would be a really good time for the sites to bring out more tournaments, for the whole spectrum of players.

Knowing that more and more people will start containing themselves in their homes, gaming & On demand streaming services are going to see a boost in numbers. I personally would love to see some more tournaments to engage this additional pool of players and hope the sites do something along those lines.

On that note, I would urge all my fellow players to take precautions, stay indoors, stay safe, and hopefully, we as people, will be able to tackle this outbreak soon.

Until next time. The Grind is on!

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Shashank Desai

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