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Posted by Jayjit Ray on 2019-04-10 at 9:30 AM

Hey guys, I am back with another blog. Today I am going to share my experiences from EPT Sochi. This was my 2nd International trip. Before this, I went to Manila for the APL series in early of 2018.

Me and my friend Tathagata Sengupta started our journey on 19th of March from Kolkata. We had a long flight to Sochi via Delhi and Moscow. On our arrival to Delhi we found out that our flight to Moscow was late by 3 hours. So now we had to wait 7 hours at the airport. With all the excitement it felt like a never ending wait for us.

We reached Moscow on 20th. Here we faced another problem. As we had to change terminals to board our flight to Sochi, a guy approached us inside the airport with an airport managers ID hanging around his neck and told us in his broken English that he would get a cab for us which can take us to our designated terminal. So we agreed and he took us outside the airport and got us a cab. As soon as we got into the cab he took out a rate card and charged us 7000 rubles. We thought that must be for him and for the cab fare. So we paid him and he left. Now we hardly crossed 50 meters the cab driver started shouting “money” “money”. We told him that we already paid him 7000 rubles. To this he said “No Manager 7000 rubles,Driver 4000 rubles” and he stopped the car. We paid him that too and finally changed terminals and boarded our flight to Sochi.

Upon landing in Sochi we did not make the same mistake and straightaway booked a cab to the hotel thru the prepaid taxi counters inside the airport. We were put up at the Marriott all thanks to Pokerstars and also thanks to Tathagata Sengupta for winning the package satellite. The Hotel had an amazing view with snow clad mountains all around it and a river flowing behind it. The event was going to start from 21st and so we had a day off and we rested well.

The first event that I played was EPT National Holdem which had a buyin of 77000 RUB. Day 1 started off really well for me as I got a quadruple up during the early stages. A guy opened to 400 from UTG+1 @100/200/200, I had A♣️4♣️ in the next position and I called, HJ called, it folded to the Small blind who made it 1600, utg+1 flatted, I called and HJ called too. Flop came K♣️2♠️T♣️. Small blind checked, utg+1 checked. I bet 4k into a pot of almost 7k with my Nut FD, HJ called, small blind called, utg+1 check shoved and me and everyone else shoved. Small blind had A️hQ♣️, UTG+1 had 7♣️8♣️, HJ had a set of TT. Turn bricked and on the river I clipped my clubs.

After this I kept winning small pots and ended up with a decent stack at the end of Day 1.

Day 2 started off well and I reached the money but could not go deeper and i became short and ultimately shoved KTss from Early position for ten bigs and got looked up by pocket tens by the big blind.

As soon as I busted I went and registered for the main event. Here also I was winning small pots once in a while and chipping up. I doubled my stack @300/600/600. I opened to 1200 with pocket aces from UTG and I got 3-bet to 3300 from LJ by a guy who was playing pretty tight on my table and so decided to trap him and I flatted. We both had 30-35k stacks Flop came 6♠️7♣️9♠️ and I checked and he bet 3100 into a pot of 8.5k. I check raised it to 11.5k to which he jammed his stack and I called him. He tabled T♠️7♠️ which was not what i had expected. However turn river bricked and I doubled. I ended Day 1 with an average stack.

Day 2 went pretty bad for me as I was card dead throughout the session and could not make it into the money. The only good thing that happened to me on Day 2 was that I got an opportunity to play on the feature table. After this I played the Deepstack , one PLO tourney and the NL Holdem tourney and bricked in all of them.

Team India did pretty well in the series. Overall it was a pretty soft field and there were hardly any good regs playing in the series. I really enjoyed playing and it gave me a good international experience as I am planning to travel to this years World Series.

Team India took a break on the last day of the event for some sight seeing. So me, Tathagata, kartik Ved, Aditya Sushant ( Sriharsha and Anant were absent) all took a cable car ride and went high up in the mountains and visited a huskey house. Most of the locals even 6-7 yr old kids were taking the cable car up into the mountains to ski down. We obviously did not take a chance. We were all happy with the scenic beauty.

Even though EPT Sochi was over, we were not yet done with Russia. Me and Tathagata had a preplanned 2 days trip each to St Petersburg and Moscow. Kartik also joined us in St Petersburg. We had a 6 hour tour in each of the cities where we were taken to all these historical places by an English speaking guide. We finally got to eat some Indian food in St Petersburg and Moscow.

Even though this trip was not a profitable one but I enjoyed the experience. We came back on the 4th and resumed with our online grind. I won the Elite last week which recovered my loss.

Right now the plan is to grind online and also planning to go to this years World Series. So that’s it for now, will come back soon with another blog.

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