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Posted by Danish Shaikh on 2015-01-05 at 12:00 AM

2014 was a solid year result-wise i experienced some absurd amount of + variance, that’s one good thing about about mtt’s one big score can change things all around. over the course of year i definitely improved as a player made tons of adjustments thanks to Alex Carr who helped me grow as a player explaining every spot thoroughly. last year i couldn’t play as much as i wanted mainly because of the timezone we live in it’s just awful. it’s really tough to play 6 pm to 8 am 4 days a week it hampers the body, i want to move to a country with better time zone so i can put my 100% but it seems unlikely because i’m not used to do things on my own and there ain’t anyone who wants to move with me plus it’s a huge headache to arrange documents and what not.
Anyways plans for 2105 are very simple don’t spew deep in a tournament, value chips play solid be disciplined and keep improving as a player. i’m planning on going to vegas this year so hopefully have a good shot at the bracelet. i’m playing online cash overall i’m beating 50nl zoom but i’m a net loser at 100nl zoom hopefully it helps in vegas where i plan to play decent amount of cash, so lets see what’s 2015 got in store for me.

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Danish Shaikh

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