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Sunday super coolers

Posted by pokerist on 2011-03-07 at 12:00 AM

Hey Pokerheads had a couple of busy weekends after my first blog. got coolered in the 50k highrollers as well as the IPS tourneys. but nothing comes close to the coolers i got playing the big sunday tourneys on both PokerStars & FullTilt. went deep in the warm up.picked up aa utg. got re-raised by middle position & all the money went in preflop after a couple of reraises.the guy had aa too but was free rolling after he flopped a nut flush draw & eventually got there on the river to scoop a 250k pot.then was grinding the sunday million. finally after about 7hrs. woke up wid 99 in the small blind. utg min raised & i shoved 300k after every1 folded to the raiser. he called wid 1010. I flopped a set on a k 9 rag flop only to get beat by a runner runner q & j for him to make a straight & scoop a 700k pot.hopefully my next blog will b bout super coolers too but only this time i will not be at the receiving end. tc later

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