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Superheroes at work

Posted by Kunal Chandra on 2011-04-29 at 12:00 AM

This team of superheroes that I told you all about in the last blog will get together again in May. The coming month proves to be one of the most exciting months for poker players in India, IPS in the first week and Aces Unlimited in the 3rd week, along with some really crazy action online with SCOOP (PokerStars) and Mini-FTOPS (Fulltilt) coinciding.

Our team-leaders, Ahh-dit-ya know about Superman and his buddy who’s faster than a MI-SAI-LE, The Beast, will be sweating it out with us mortals. They’re assisted by Ravana, who’s a die-hard Sri Lanka fan, let me tell you when I call him Ravana I don’t intend to call him a villain but a very intelligent and a sharp brain who just knows what to do at the right time and just loves Sri-Lankan cricket!

The team comprises of:
A big guy and Sam-ohh-f us wud call him “The Incredible Hulk”.
Rocky Balboa (ours is not from Italy, he’s a south-american).
The guy with Jas-t-Vin attitude is our Gladiator,
LauL doesn’t look like a superhero but he can defend bullets baby, or take them and still remain standing he’s
Don-Ka-Bomber (read in hindi), hahaha he’s the don’s henchman who’s been bombarding the online poker sites, Chota-Shakeel.
mastermind, he already has a superhero name!!
And some guy who calls himself kcdesi, we cud call him Mr. India.

So, now since we’ve identified who’s who, I’ll keep you updated with whats going on when we get together for

“mission Indians take-over-stars and fulltilt too”

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Kunal Chandra

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