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Swingy day + WSOP

Posted by sunny sen on 2012-06-02 at 12:00 AM

WSOP news first: A friend from our heads-up skype group had a great run at the 1500PLH WSOP event 5 and almost came home with a bracelet. Unfortunately for him he finished runnner-up. However inspite of having a huge chip disadvantage when HU play started, he managed to put on a great fight (HU play lasted almost 3 levels). He is an online heads-up sng reg (mid-high stakes), cardrunners instructor and plays as PrimordialAA. Quite a few of us in the group have %s of his WSOP package (i hv 1.5%) and heres hoping he continues to beast the rest of the WSOP.

I myself had an interesting start to June. Played a marathon session of heads-up NL and 6max PLO with a mini break thrown in between.


The initial drop to 5kish is 3 tabling a super nitty reg who kept on showing me the nuts in almost all big-medium pots. Then played a very good reg and pretty much crushed him playing my A+ game to be up 1kish for the day.

Came back after a mini break to play a huge fish at 1/2 who 4 bet shoved twice pre with 78s and 9ts and obviously won versus my AA and AK. He ended up hit and running me for close to 5 buyins+

Played another reg (a really passive bad one) who ended up with quads on the river for a gigantic pot vs my turned straight at 2/4.

Made some back on PLO and zoom (not in the graph) when heads-up action was dead, to be stuck about 3k for the day.

Fun day 🙂

Will be on the grind this month, pretty hard the first part of the month actually. Heres to turning things around tomorrow. Had some fun-interesting spots, maybe will post some hands on the forums.


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sunny sen

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