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The Aftermath of Bootcamp – My Biggest Score in Domestic Sites

Posted by RATUL STEVES on 2019-06-11 at 2:12 PM

Hi all, I have finally got a fitting answer and an end to my previous blog. I shipped the ValueBomb event for my career best online score in domestic websites this Sunday!

The experience was too good and it was an interesting tale how I joined it as well. So me and fellow PokerGuru Ambassador Ashish Munot were grinding cash games and I knew that there were two big tournaments coming up. I was pretty card dead in the cash game so I registered for the event on the second flight and played it through my phone. So I qualified for Day 2 but on Sunday I completely forgot that I actually don’t have funds in my account for my complete Sunday Grind! Then Munot started making fun of it saying I made Day 2 and hence I will bust in a couple of hours and get like ₹15-20k and then I will fire bullets in other events. Ironically in the end, he said “Bro tujhe pata tha kya”?

I started the day with 28 big blinds, initially was very smooth. After just the first two orbits, I doubled up, it was a cooler spot and villain had queens vs my kings. So I straightaway got the double up. Actually in this event, I didnt flip that much. Like I wasn’t really putting my chips in preflop. Everything was mostly post flop.

I did notice in the event that in the event was that when it was down to the few last tables, most players were new random ID’s and non regs. I got crippled a lot in between. Like last three tables, I almost had the chip lead but then I got down to just 9 bigs and grinded my way back. Even on the final table, I was 2/6 once but then go to 6/6 and I had to grind back.

There was a very interesting hand when there were only three tables left where I had to fold my flush against the eventual fourth place finisher Balwinder Singh. I don’t know what he had but that was a very interesting hand.

He had just won a huge pot and we were 3/24. I started with 55 bigs and he had 50 big blinds. From hijack, I opened with 8c 6c, he defends his big blind and the flop comes K 7 5 with two clubs. So we have an open ender and a flush draw. He checks, we c-bet, he calls. Turn is Ac and I hit a flush. He checks, I bet 70% of the pot and he calls. The river is a brick jack and he donk jams on us! He check called the flop, check called the turn and rips the river now, must have been 30 BB shove.

Now I was in a spot and here I was looking at such a huge ICM. I had profiled him as a new player so I thought he won’t risk his stack without having nuts. So I didn’t think he was bluffing, I took my entire time bank and eventually folded. I thought even if I leave this spot, I had 31 bigs which were enough. Calling and regretting later that it was a fold would have been worse as I think he didn’t have any bluffs on that board. That was an insane hand.

It was pretty comfortable tournament as a whole. Like I was winning flips, my hands were holding etc. so it was a smooth grind. I managed to crack two aces though and that was pretty epic as this time I wasn’t on the receiving end of it. Hahaha – Me cracking aces was pretty sick and that too on the final table.

Even on the final table, when I got short, I started picking up lot of blinds; there was only one major hand I played with the chip leader where the lead also changed. There were 5 left, I opened Q 8 off suit and the chip leader defends from big blind. I was 2/5, flop opens Q 9 10 with two diamonds. I check and he checks back and the turn came a Queen. This time, he bet over half pot and I called. River came another queen so I hit quads. He bet 625k in a pot of 1 Million and I made it to 1.80 Million. He tanked and folded and after this hand, I had the chip lead. From there I cruised to victory.

Heads up, I started with a small deficit but it lasted for only 3 hands. On the final hand, button I min raised Ah 4h, he called and flop opened 2 3 5 so I flopped a straight. He checks, I check back. Turn was 8 and I bet big (60-70% pot). He check raises us now and I flat. River board paired and he jams. I insta call and won as he had two pairs! So that was that.

Apart from this, I am in Chennai only and playing both live cash games and online MTT’s. Usually I play 3 days of cash and 4 days online. When I play live, I don’t play online as games last till late night. As far as regime is concerned, nothing much has changed since my last blog. Nothing special has been happening to be honest except when me and Nadeem went to Goa for a bootcamp with Batch 2 of Adi. That was a great revision and I personally felt that I was out of touch for tournaments.

I wasn’t putting that much volume earlier and thought that I was a bit disturbed with the downswings of cash games. I was seeing the pattern again and again and I had lost 2-3 big sessions so I just wanted to play more cash. So I got out of balance and wasn’t up to date. When I went for bootcamp, it was a great revision and discussing hand histories and grinding with the boys helped a lot. There itself I started running deep and it’s been only three weeks since then!

I am making sure that I play MTT’s regularly to maintain the flow. I can’t travel much as my grandfather is very old and I try to stay as much as I can in Chennai. Will now focus more on the study and put more volume and definitely will not let this score get to my head.

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