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The “Aha” Moment!

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-08-20 at 12:00 AM

I have had many such moments during the PGMP. An ‘aha’ moment is when you suddenly discover a leak in your game or a fault in your thought process. I had one yesterday in my discussion with Prabhat. If you are in our Skype group, go through Sunday’s history, the discussion is on there. It helped me quite a bit in the session I played later in the evening.

I have been knitting sweaters rather than playing poker in the early stages. As the mentorship program has progressed and I have got more and more sure-footed in playing MTT’s, I have been unconsciously waiting for the comfort zones of under 50/60BBs. Things become sort of simpler and one cannot make huge mistakes there. Anyway this discussion really helped. Thanks once again Prabhat!

Unfortunately I don’t have the results to show up for it though. Ran really bad. Been actually running bad for quite some time now. Yeah I know, I have been complaining a lot about running bad recently. It’s not that I don’t make mistakes. But after around 7 tournaments into yesterday’s session, I pulled up hold-em manger and saw that I was -22K actual net and my net all in EV-wise was +4K (with most bust-outs at early/middle stages). I usually see these figures when I am playing cash games cause it makes more sense to me there. I don’t know how to translate this into tournament equity but I am thinking it must be quite a bit.

Anyway I was able to shirk my laziness this week and put in around 4 playing sessions. (Still not there volume wise though). I had one deep-ish run in a 5.5 but busted 26th. Some min-cashes here and there. On a downswing here and it doesn’t feel great. But no worries, will keep plugging away.

Till next week then.


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Vinay Suchede

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