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The APT week

Posted by ashutoshnaik on 2012-05-28 at 12:00 AM

Firstly congratulations to Intervention, Prabhat, Siddharth for their successes at the APT. It was real great going especially by Siddharth when he finished 2nd at the APT side event. It was nice to catch up with the others like Olli, and Vinay and share thoughts with them during the week.

Regarding my own run this week, I finished 35th in the main event, and in the 20s range in the 2 hyper turbo side events that I played. However, I was in positive this week, due to a big cash game session on Saturday, and also because of the fact that I got into the main event through a satellite.

In the main event, I finished Day 1A with 17.6K chips, one of the shortest stacks. I was card dead and position dead most of the time, and didnt get much action when I had big hands. I survived the later end of the day, when I open folded AKss preflop to Ben Abrahams, who showed KK. Everyone was shocked when

I open folded that, but sometimes, you just have to trust your reading abilities. From my history with the player, I knew I was beat, I knew I was not even flipping, when he 4-bet me with exactly half his stack, and given the way he was playing against me.

However, I came to play aggressively on Day 2, and had soon chipped up to 36K, within an hour, mostly without showdown, as I used my previous day’s tight image to my advantage, until I get to move to a new table and this hand happens, which was my last hand.

I am in cutoff, with like 35K behind, blinds are 600/1200, I flat Apoorva’s 2.5x raise from UTG+3, with Qc Jc, intervention, flats from SB. The flop is 10c 4h 7c. Intervention leads out 1/3rd pot, Apoorva flats, and it comes to me. I weigh my options, I can either flat here.. but I know Intervention is bluffing/c-betting, I think Apoorva has maybe 88, 99 or 2 over cards.. or a 10, in the worst case.. I thought this was a good opportunity for me to either take down the pot there, or I still have a flush draw with 2 over cards, giving me good equity. I really wanted to go up in chips, and play for the 1st place, and not just wait for min cash. Hence yes, I shoved, intervention insta folded, but Apoorva tank called with JJ, saying “I just cant fold this hand”.

I dont know why he flatted jacks on a 10 high board, because, any turn over card could basically destroy his hand. Unfortunately, I didn’t hit my queen nor my flush draw and that was it. Well, I could have played it differently, but I just felt that I had to take my chances there, you need to win these races sometimes, if you want to win a tourney. However, in hindsight, maybe I should have taken into account, that Apoorva covered me by 2x, and that he was a high stakes player. Usually its not my style to jam it in, I prefer more postflop play. I talked to intervention and he said it was pretty standard play by me and I got unlucky, so well, that was the end of my main event adventure.

Nothing really great to mention about the hyper turbos, which was a shove fest towards the end, as expected.

After this I went and played cash. Sat down with about 15K, got it up to 37ish when I hit my set with 77, and in a few hand i get aces UTG +2, I raised to 1K, got 5 callers. The small blind, who is an aggro trournament player, makes it 8K. I immediately asked him, if he was happy with the money in the pot (which was about 14K at that point), and he says No, I want more.. I knew I had to isolate him, so I try to convince him that I have Ace king/ 2 over cards, and i decided to shove the 36K I had in front of me, in a 14K pot, and he make a call saying “lets gamble”. Nothing great on the flop, turn or river, he turns over 55 and my Aces hold. Usually I wouldnt play Aces that way in a cash game strongly preflop, as in a deep stacked game, any 2 cards are good preflop, due to huge implied odds and aces is just a pair, after all, but I knew I had this player, and and that he was calling. I enjoy deep stacked cash games. In a deep stacked game for instance, its so much harder for you to put people on cards. Garbage hands like 56off, or J 8 off.. you wouldn’t even think of playing in the tourney, but I would play it in a deep stacked cash game, even if i know you have aces. In fact I d be happy, if you show me preflop, that you have a big hand like aces. Because I get so much implied odds if I hit, and becuase I know, you would never put me on those hands. Also I m working more on my table talk and reading abilities, as these are crucial weapons in live cash games.

I am enjoying the cash game action in Goa these days, and hope to come back for more cash games this month, especially since there are no tournaments apart from the Casino Royale Cup. I almost stopped playing cash games at live home games, because hey, I know the rake is low in home games, but how many beginners come to play in home games, how many tourists, how many drunk fishes ? I think its more +EV, to play cash games in Goa, rather than play with the pros and grinders in low rake home games. Not to mention that so many rules are flouted in home games – folding out of turn, talking despite not being heads up, problems of credit, well just too many to mention. However, the casinos would do well to reduce the high rake. There could be exceptions at times, of course.

Note that I have nothing against the home game organisers, there was a time when I was a home games organiser too. They are trying to do a good thing by offering Poker to local players, who do not have the inclination to travel all the way to Goa/Sikkim/abroad and just want to play. Remember, every night, every one needs a game!!! It’s just your personal preference, as to where you want to play.

Regarding the future, I intend to take a short break from poker and start grinding online tournaments later this week, and hope to talk more to intervention and others, on tournament play. There is way too much to learn and In the words of AC/DC, “It’s a long way to the top, if you want to rock n roll”.

That’s it from me for now, and do enjoy yourself in Goa before going home if you get a chance. Goa has much to offer apart from Poker, and remember that there is life beyond poker.

Until next time, hope y’ all run good!


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