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The Beginning of an ending – 5/5

Posted by Bharat Naidu on 2013-06-13 at 12:00 AM

So now that I have qualified day 2 of the ME, am quite relaxed… nonetheless could have cruised in comfortably had I only kept my cool and not spewed!! That’s a different subject all together, anyways…

Day -7

Not much to do, except hanged around playing some cash games!! And nothing interesting to talk about…

Day – 8

Registered for the 1500 NLH and got out as soon as i got in… Probably i took it too easy and wasn’t serious about the game… Played cash games and got up with just break even, Or maybe i am missing my folks back home and have lost focus on the trip!! its been a long 8 days and suddenly u start feeling it’s been tad too long!! Evening we hit the Friendly Playmate bar, again i am wearing flip-flops and the same drama continues!! I guess it’s a bambaiya thing to do things which are not allowed… we call it G main masti!! Nevertheless I get entry, have some drinks and soon after some while leave the scene!

Day – 9

Finally the Big Day is here!! Day 2 of the ME… I have butterflies in stomach, it was like going for the SSC board exams… to calm things down I called up a close buddy and asked if he wanted to get some authentic massage?? He was game and so we headed to Grand Waldo Spa, at the reception we are told “Sir there is no hanky panky here” we break into laughter and say we don’t need… Thanks for the information.:) Let me brief you about the spa culture in the Far East, it’s a very socialising experience and most friends bond and bathe together!! Yes Bathe together!!

So we enter get into our robes and again get out of it…. Get out of it??? Yes we get out of it, coz you need to be fully nude to get into the pool!!! I was like what the hell, if the chinks don’t mind!! Why should I feel shy?? So I take a dip in the pool and spend some time there and then the Jacuzzi and sauna… also alongside the pool they have a lavish Fruit salad spread & some non alcoholic Drinks…, change into the robes provided… again head to the floor above for our massage… Now I am really looking forward to an authentic oriental massage with no hank panky!! So in comes the masseuse dressed in a doctors apron!! And I go wow they must be so professional that they dress like doctors!! Anyways I greet her and she says thank you, and that’s the only word she speaks in English and next 1 hour we don’t talk… and all this while she has been watching some Chinese serial, very similar to ekta kapor style melodrama… and the massage I would rate 6/10. So we get out of there and head to canteen and have some authentic Chinese food. Finish up and take a shower and off to C.O.D.

So I take seat and I start off aggressive take down the 1st hand of the game by 3 betting, feel good about the way i started. And then we grind on waiting for eliminations to happen and then after sometime i am dealt AQo UTG+1, this is when a player opens UTG and lay my hand down, didn’t want to get aggressive with an UTG raiser and whole table to act behind me… Soon we start hand for hand play, this is when i am dealt AQo again on the button, so the whole table folds to me and i open the pot only to be 3bet by the Big blind. I assume he is defending his blinds and 4 bet him, now he 5bet shoves and he is covering me… i know he is a aggressive player and could shove with a wide range of cards. I go into a 5 min tank and then is when he starts his table talk, says i am not fucking around and somehow I believed him… So he either has a pockets or Ax kind of card and also same time he doesn’t want me to call, coz if he loses he is gonna be crippled. Reluctantly i fold and as a friendly gesture he shows TT, probably on second thoughts i should i have taken a flip here.

Soon, the TD announces that we have a tournament bubble and all are in the money, Yuppie!! And now I get AQo UTG, with just 9-10 BB’s left, I shove and Button Insta calls wid AA.. Thats the end of my Macau Dragon Dreams, Now I am totally shattered and hate poker… Really need to work on my AQo strategy!! Really screwed me in all 3 occasions I was dealt…

So I decided I need to play a game where i don’t have to use my brains!! And head straight to the slot machines, grind there on the 10cent machine for 1hr and have lost quite a bit by now. Then decide i need to get back on this slot machine and move on to 1$ machine and in flat 20 mins i hav lost 60% of my trip bankroll …. there was no reasoning of what i was doing and was total clueless and matter of time had lost alot of money, which can’t be even told here… It’s that embarrassing… i head back to room withdraw the last 40% of bankroll and blow that up too on Carribean Stud Poker and Slots combined!! This is the 1st time I am confessing about my stupidity and i realized it quite late what shit i have done, but it was partly to be blamed on the long trip and was missing my better half, she has been very instrumental in what i am today and a supporting pillar of my life. I called her and told what mess i have done, she just said in 1 sentence … Dont worry think as if you had a great vacation and move on.. Wifey i Love you…. Muaahhh

Day -10

Broke!! And have to go back to india… Luckily had all those plastic cards to get me through the day. So my roomie Rajesh Goyal (RG) comes to the room and asks how was my day and i say I blew it up on Sic BO…. ask him how was his day/trip and says i am just break even!! I go wat!! Weren’t you down massively and then he says 1 nite changed it all and he ended the trip in positive note. So we discuss lot of hands and then he tells me the following hand, which i felt was an amazing hand and i had played a similar hand online which was criticized by all the Grinders, but only my result was not as good :)!!

RG in mid position is dealt QTss and EP opens to 700 on 100/200 table, he flats and so does the button. Flop J99 rainbow all checked, turn 5h and button raises 1500, EP folds and RG flats. River is Ac, again RG checks and the button fires a 3500 bet and RG snap calls!! Villain tables 8 high and RG flips Q high and takes down the pot… The villain goes crazy and says how can you call that?? To which RG replies….. “I thought i had a straight…” LMAO 😎

So we check out of hotel and reach the ferry terminal and head to HKIA for our connecting flight to Mumbai. Here again i go crazy and splurge on shopping only to get out of the depression and bought loads of stuff for folks back home. So Uday n me take an adjoining seat and start drinking and that’s when Uday says they won’t give us more than 2 drinks, how the airlines treat passengers and all, so to this I tell him let’s make a record and take 6 drinks :p … so cheekily we take drinks from different pursuer and airhostess, by now i am fully sloshed and don’t even remember how i reached my home in Mumbai 🙂 lol … had a great time, and uday thanks for the flight masti 😉

So to sum up the whole trip….. i would rate it as an excellent experience and do feel the game is easier and can be cracked with better returns than in Goa or in some of the home games. But mental stability and proper bankroll management is highly recommended. And yes i will be going to MPC again in august and would love to have all my friends back again….

Hope you guys enjoyed my personal experience …. Thanks, Colombo here i come…

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Bharat Naidu

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