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The Execution. Week 2.

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-05-30 at 12:00 AM

After the not-so-good execution of my plan in week 1. I finally got down to some serious roll making business in week 2. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I put in around 5K hands total at 6-max. Recovered the buyins of last week and got some buyin for sat/sun MTT grinding as well.

But the plan of playing MTT went awry as I went for APT side events on the weekend and internet in Goa got disrupted due to some technical issues with the internet company.

Anyway it was good fun at the APT. Almost all the regulars turned up plus some high stakes cash game pros who usually are not seen in Goa events.

I had again a terrible time results wise.

In 1st event I played 7K Deepstack hyperturbo, my TT didn’t hold up in a 4-way pot of A4 v A7 v 99 just before the FT. I won the side pot with the player holding 99 which enabled me to get into FT with 5 places paid. But if I would have won that pot it would have given me almost 1/3 rd of chips in play going into FT. I eventually finished 9th.

In 2nd event (7K Hyper) I had a bit of a roller coaster. But with a good stack and 2 tables left, my JJ didnt hold up against A10 and I dumped a good part of it there. Finally finished 12th as I shoved my 10bb stack utg with 33 and got called by K10. Whole FT was getting paid.

In 3rd event (15K 6max) busted pretty early. Couldnt get anything going. Won a couple of small pots early but then kept bleeding. Ultimately shoved with K2 and lost.

Pretty disappointed with results. I still have lots of technical defects in my MTT game. Had PokerGuru Pro and 30K FO event winner Amit Varma railing me in 1st event and he pointed out a couple of spots where I made mistakes. With the mentorship program getting back on track after the busy live schedule I am hoping to iron them out asap.

I did get to play some online micro MTT’s later on Sunday night as I shacked up with Amit Varma and Prabhat (who finished 3rd in the Main, so close ughh) in their Vivanta room and bummed their wifi connection. Made so many mistakes that had Varma and Prabhat shaking their heads and later laughing their ass off. Sumit Asrani also joined in after his win in 15K 6-max FO as I tried the new SipPoker. Will be trying to build some roll again with 6-max this week to play MTT at the weekend. Will post the results on blog as usual.

Till then, Cheers !!

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Vinay Suchede

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