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The first one!

Posted by Krishna Ravishankar on 2012-11-10 at 12:00 AM

Aite guys, Im Krishna, a new inductee in pgmt.And this is my first of hopefully many blogs to come..
Let me start by laying my poker story on you.

Unlike many of my new friends in the pgmp batch, i started relatively early. 8 years ago in early 2004, i was in 11th std and sitting with my friend in a boring chemistry class. it was diwali season and we were just realizing that for grown-ups, diwali has little to do with crackers and more to do with cards (teen patti ) (yes im from Delhi). ok, what i remember from that day in class is my friend attempting to teach me the nuances of teenpatti and me brushing him off saying “ye kya bakwas hai..tujhe mai poker sikhata hoon”.
yes! that was not the day i learnt poker..i had already been an ardent follower for 3 years. i dont remember how exactly i learnt but i do remember downloading a game with TJ Cloutier and Gus Hansen and playing it for hours on end. Also like many of us i used to lap up the WPT episodes which used to air periodically on travel and living.

Fast forward to 2012:
“CALL” i announce..i table JQ for a rivered straight while my opponent mucks in disgust. I’v won! My first tourney win comes in only my second live tourney ever! I rake in 90k..what a rush !! That coupled with small cash game wins slowly build my bankroll…step by step i move up and im now playing kc’s 10k cash game which is admittedly a little outside of my current bankroll.

So you cant blame me when i went into the pgmp with quite a cocky attitude.
Day 1 of pgmp:
Aditya: Write down your opening range for the starting stages of an online turbo mtt
Me: (tentatively) JJ QQ KK AA
Prabhat: LOL
Aditya: Behave yourself Prabhat
Aditya: They will learn
Me: *burning in shame**cheeks bright red*
So basically, i dint even kow how to write a range(which was way off target anyway) properly. Well i daresay we’ve come a long way from there ..and lots more to learn!

Iv played tons of online mtt’s the past 6 yrs or so and iv improved quite a bit the past year or so making the top 20% a majority of the times but hardly making any final tables. Ater a couple of weeks of pgmt im already finding out the reason why!!
So many leaks to be plugged, so many lessons to be un-learnt and re-learnt.
“Shinybinary” remember my screen name.. hopefully in the near future you will see it used in the same sentences as Jungleman and Isildur1 (haha).

Cant wait for the session tonight!
Signing off for now..

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Krishna Ravishankar

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