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The good the bad and the ugly – updates :)

Posted by saby on 2015-05-22 at 12:00 AM

Just finished a long online grind its 11:45 AM her and will be heading out to play the Thos ME at 4. As I was not getting sleep decided to update my blog and head out to ship the ME.

Quick updates – on the plans made in my last blog.
Live games – So as planned in my 2014 end of year blog I have been playing a lot of live cash here in Bangalore. I have played so much live that as you guys might have noticed I am missing from the online grind. Balance has never been my strong points.
In terms of what I have gained playing live cash quite a bit really. I have gained some friends on and off the tables. Gained the patience to sit for long hours without being dealt a hand and still try to focus on what’s happening at the table developing reads on players etc. Picked up a few things in Omaha (Well maybe I am better off sticking to 2 cards :P).
Now I feel pretty comfortable playing live Cash or MTTs in any line up. In the recent times I have made quite a few deep runs including IPC ME where an unfortunate hand ended my run at 13th. Basically I opened J8 from BTN got min3 bet called to see the flop with abt 30 BBs effective flop come J8x bet shove call and we could not hold against the straight draw. Made the FT of a Thos event busted 4 th I think. Bubbled a few. Bottom line gotten a lot better at live play then where I was at 2014. Hopefully I will win a live MTT soon.

Online – Well to be honest I have not really worked hard on my short stack play. I wanted to get to a particular level but I never put in the effort into it. Online/Live/Job 2 many things to handle at time (We love giving excuses). As far as focus I don’t think I have played 2 many sessions with the focus that an online MTT session deserves. Had a decent session last night though finally got the Triceratops Avatar also FTed the 11r but finished 6th duno what you guys think abt this hand – 6 handed I am 5th in chips I open KJs UTG 19 BB and the biggest stack 3 bets us. I 4 bet jammed he called us with 77 and held.
Anyway I fear my online MTT game is suffering with live cash and office taking most of my time. So I am trying to put in put in a volume goal here for the next 3 months and try to live upto the numbers. Will try to play at least 4 days a week and grind out 600 games a month at the min.

K guys off to ship the ME. Take care and hope ur pairs hold and draws get there.

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