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The Great July and the Kid

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2012-07-31 at 12:00 AM

This month has been a great month, poker-wise and I cant be happier. I got my first major online Binkament last week with the Bigger 55 (That too on a Sunday, the day we have been known to Run Bad). I also got my first final table and win at PGT season 2 in the bounty event.
This month gave me that confidence and morale boost to put in volumes online. In between i reached a point of deperssion when things werent going rite. I usd to go back to my HH and look for mis played hands and wrong decisions made and it was just getting a lot more depressing. But this month turned it around for me. I was able to see where I was going wrong, my post flop game improved. I think I improved as far as understanding table dynamics is concerned. I used to give it too much credit earlier and end up outlevelling myself in a lot of spots. But now I think its better. I think I played good overall.

Now about the Kid. Well, not actually a Kid but he is the new guy around. Hence being addressed a Kid. Nitish Gupta, the latest PG recruit , I think is one of the best tourney brains around. Agreed I have had results in the past with a lotta cash won and trophies shipped. But I always had intervention to ask questions, to coach me as a mentor and guide. Intervention put in more effort than I did in making me play the way I play tournies today. This kid had no one to look up to. No one taught him or mentored him. He was out there , all by himself working hard on the game , taking the tough route. Watching videos, reading forums and stuff. I admire that. Let me be honest, I would have never made it this far without adi, but this kid did. And with Adi around, he is only gonna get better.

When I was playing the KO event which I shipped , he was standing behind me all through looking at each hand I played. He even gave me feedback on a few live tells I give out and ask me stay composed and calm throughout. Asked me to take my time before each move. He even pointed out certain 3 bet sizing errors, which was perfect. Online it is easy to size your 3 bets compared to live, because you know the exact stack size. In live, you need to work with whatever information you get by looking at your opponents stack coz you cant ask them to count out their stack every time they raise. I always had this problem and I realized that taking more time to make decisions can help me size my bets better. He is also very calm and composed when he plays and I hope I can maintain the same composure when I play.

Good job with High roller Kid, may we ship more .

Thats all folks. Oh btw, I will be going to Kolkata sometime this month to grind with Intervention and might start of daily blog series on how I do everyday. Will keep everyone posted.


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Sangeeth Mohan

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