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The Highs and Lows of 2014

Posted by Sahil Agarwal on 2015-01-04 at 12:00 AM

Last year has been a crazy one for me. I got the chance to make 3 international trips, 2 to Macau for red dragon and Appt and one to the mecca of poker, WSOP vegas. I am pretty happy with my performance in the events i played live.. had a really deep run in the red dragon main finishing around 56th in a field of roughly 1000 entries. Macau has been really kind to me as far as online goes. I got 2 of my biggest scores of the year there, winning the hotter16 in jan and chopping the 320 sko in may.

Vegas was the craziest experience… With so many options infront of you, I, like every other first timer, was so confused abt what to play and what not to. I ended up playing a bunch of mtts at venetian and rio other than the bracelet events. I played the Binions 1K main event as well which will stay in my memory forever. I chipped up to a huge stack before the end of day 1. Was chipleading by far, playing good running over the table but then i got moved to another table and didnt adjust to the players there. i kept playing aggro trying to dominate table and was getting played back at. I spewed so bad, i ended the day with just over starting stack and ended up bubbling the event. Fortunately, i managed to get 4th in the rio daily deepstack for 18kish which allowed me to play the main event. I wish i could play the main event every year, its just got something to it which makes it so special for every poker player.

Overall online was pretty swingy. I was on a 60k upswing by mid year, then post vegas, i have been running very bad and have had a brutal downswing thereafter ending the year at just 26k profit. Have had so many close calls last year, closing any one of those would have been great. But, I am sure will get lot more opportunities and hopefully will close one this year.

I have started playing a lot on non-stars sites like 888, ipoker and carbon and i would definitely recommend anyone playing online mtts to add these sites to their scheule to reduce some variance. Although the softwares arent anyway comparable to stars, these are definitely way softer than stars.

Currently, I am giving in some time to live cash and i am trying to get better at it. I realized in vegas how much better it is to be playing live cash other than all other mtts everywhere else other than the bracelet events coz of the 30% tax thing. Hopefully, i am able to build a bankroll again to go play the WSOP this year and become pretty decent at live cash till then.

Cheers and gl everyone.

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Sahil Agarwal

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