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The House Of Spew

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2014-03-13 at 12:00 AM

“Brooo I lost 1000 bigs trying to 3 barrel that fish brooo” “ Bhai mein bahot khrab khela yaar”. “I agree my line doesn’t make sense, but I bet 100k into 20k and he called with middle pair. I mean seriously?”. And of course “How can I fold Pair gutty on the turn when he shoves 200k into 60k.? Obviously I call .. I had the odds to call. This is so standard.. You cant play scared money dude”.
This is Spew.
and SPEW is us.
My partner and I have been spewing consistently over the last 3 years and we decided to share the love (and money). So we decided to start a company to promote this idea. As crazy as it may sound its true.
Yes we are The House of Spew and we are going to play host to the sickest cash games ever played in India.
A little bit of history:
We have been attending cash game festivals and similar events over the past 3 years and we always felt that something is missing. When we are giving so many hours, we expect a lot more in return than accommodation and free food. We want to feel special, welcome, well taken care of etc. But the key quotients of hospitality were missing.
So we decided to start our own event where we make people feel special. We understand poker players (Indian poker players) at a very very close level because we are primarily poker players and I think that is our key strength.
About the Event.
Our first event is scheduled in Bangalore from March 20th to March 24th. We are offering cash games and tournaments over 5 action packed days and all the information can be found on our facebook page.We will be updating our page and website with information regarding tournament structures, rake structures and satellite details.
So be ready for the best cash game festival to have ever happened in India and I promise you that this one is going to be EPIC!
Oh by the way, when we say festival we mean it!!!

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Sangeeth Mohan

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