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The Icebreaker & My Recent DPT Xpress Run

Posted by Anant Purohit on 2019-06-18 at 9:45 PM

Hello Guys,

This is my first blog on PokerGuru, and today, I want to write about my recent poker journey. I am Anant from Vishakhapatnam, and I have been playing poker for over 7-8 years. I turned pro at the beginning of last year, and I like to play many variants of poker like Badugi, Razz, HORSE, 2-7 Single Draw (SD), 2-7 Triple Draw (TD), Stud, 5 Card Draw, etc. I love Badugi and 2-7 SD the most.

I recently went for DPT Xpress in Goa where I won the Main Event and even made the final table in the Burn and Turn event. To be honest, I was not sure till about 3 days before the series was about to start if I will attend but somehow made up my mind to go as I don’t usually get chance to play live. So I went there and luckily hit FT in the very first tourney and was happy performing good in such a shallow structure!

Then I played the Main Event and busted my first bullet quite early on. On to 2nd bullet, I grinded slowly to get a comfortable stack rather than being involved in big flips or something. I was able to make it to day 2 of the event where I was returning 10/26 players. Given the shallow structure, I was sure variance was gonna be high, but I aimed to chip up slowly, and I managed to make FT with 6/9 position. On the final table, most of the spots were standard as we were not deep enough to play some 3rd level poker. Luckily I was able to turn variance in my favor and ended up shipping it after a 3-way deal.

After winning the Main Event and lifting the trophy, I felt thrilled with people all around congratulating me, and I met all old friends including Karan, Akshay, Ashit, Goonjan, Sam,Amit, Pranav and Vinay B etc and also made a few new friends, including Sanchit, Kshitij, etc. Overall it was an awesome trip and one which I never expected.

My recent online scores include shipping Superstack on March 3, and took down Sunday Special on PokerStars India just last week. Have been doing well online recently and hope the run continues for more victories online and live.

Recently, I also won sattelite for Manila APPT on PokerStarsIN and will be vising Manila in last week of July. I am really hopeful for my journey and looking forward for first international trophy. I have been to Macau in 2015 and Sochi recently in 2019 through same PokerStars Satellites but was not able to convert them to victories. Hopefully, I can change that in upcoming trip.

On personal front, my parents took some time to understand poker as a game of skill but now they are convinced. I would like to specially mention my life partner, who not only supports me in playing poker but also rails me throughout my deep runs and cheers me all the way. This journey wouldn’t be possible without her.

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Anant Purohit

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