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The Insane Value Coaching Adds To Your Bottom Line

Posted by Ashish Ahuja on 2018-11-27 at 7:34 AM

Hello. I’m Ashish Ahuja and I’m glad to be writing on this forum after a long time. It’s been a bittersweet phase – online and live – but fun and full of thrills. And when I’m not on the felts, I’ve been studying, watching and ‘learning’ poker. Today, information resources and strategies about every aspect of the game are more accessible than ever, that helps improve knowledge and skills. While this is one of the best ways to continuously evolve, the most valuable way is poker-training. Coaching is so much more valuable than many of us would believe – I see this when recreational players rant over bad beats on a ‘perfectly played hand’. Who decides whether the hand was perfect?

To poker newbies, a poker coach is an accomplished poker player that dedicates time to teaching newer players the skills and their learnings that have made them successful in the sport. On poker forums, I see debates on the subject of coaching, so I wanted to share my experience and I believe I am also speaking for more of my poker friends.

A good coach identifies and teaches you how to fix your personal weaknesses, and also saves you from pricey mistakes at the table. Reviewing hand histories hit upon leaks and help you understand missed opportunities. Being trained by an established coach is a great opportunity for even the motivation that each of us requires sometimes, for me – being around people smarter than me drives me to improve. We’re here to be better players, and Aditya Agarwal a.k.a ‘Inter’, my coach, is not only an inspiration, but he also keeps me on track. Coaches have been through it before, they know where we’re coming from and they push us to get over anything that we believe we can’t cope with.

My experience with being coached is that they leave no stone unturned, provided they see you going the extra mile. It’s given me an edge over my counterparts, it’s improved my games making it more fun, understanding and accepting different ways of doing things and it’s made me love the sport so much more. It’s a powerful tool to invest in and you make the most of it only when you treat each session as a professional activity, learning from every situation.

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Ashish Ahuja

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