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The Lazy Nit.

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-08-14 at 12:00 AM

I would consider my biggest leak in poker or life is my laziness. I am just too lazy. I had so many opportunities to put in a session last week but ended up playing only on Saturday and yesterday i.e Monday (which cannot be counted in the previous week). I have promised myself to put in a few good sessions this week along with some 6max cash on the side. I played both (6max and MTT) on Monday actually. 6max will be also to try and luck into the billion hand promo going on Stars. I never catch them. Lol-Sigh!

Another debatable leak (many of my poker buddies say) is my extremely conservative bankroll management (BRM) online. I have no roll live as of now. I was in a staking arrangement from PGT Feb to PGT May. The APT May series and recent PGT July, I played on my own from my cut of the winnings of the main event win in Feb (had to sell some action in fact for recent PGT July). I am not doing any BRM for live tournaments. I have just taken shots every now and then, cashing out from Stars or whenever I made some money in small cash games. The plan ahead for live tourneys is to do the same. I will be taking shots whenever I can. That’s one of the reasons for my opposition to the change in standard payout structures (10% with top 3 heavy) in Goa tournaments. If I bink one tournament, I don’t want to be making just 10 odd buy-ins. Please note it is “one of the reasons” specific to my profile kind of player (an amateur with poker not part of income). Changes to pay-out structure from the standard are actually just bad for everyone. I will refrain from elaborating here.

Anyway coming back to my online BRM, I have around 1100$ in my account as of now (up from the 400$ that I had at the start of PGMP). Currently at 1100$, my MTT’s buy-ins are restricted to 6$ (Average buy-in ABI at around 3$) and my 6max buy-ins are restricted to 12.5$ (at 250bb). Multi-tabling at 4 tables it comes to 50$. To many of you, this would be just too conservative (or shocking. lol. ref: Jethwani bhai). Yes, I am a BRM nit and maybe I need to loosen up slightly (I will not however, next jump may come when I reach 2K). Combined with my laziness it’s a long road ahead to meaningful monies. Most of the players I have met however are at the opposite end of the spectrum from me BRM-wise. IMO, players are way too loose with BRM. For every player who has run it up on a good wave, there will be numerous untold stories of players busting their rolls. One should also note, the higher you go, the less +EV you are and more variance affects you. If you play with shallow BR’s, variance will also tilt you and you will add another leak to your game.

Posted below are sample of hands which happened within “just a couple of hours” yesterday. The K9o > 99 happened to bust me close to the bubble (75th with 63 getting paid).


I have run into many such bad stretches in MTT’s as well as 6max. It really does not affect me much as these stretches are nothing more than pin pricks to my BR. This is how it should be in my opinion. Losing a few sessions of poker should not affect us. Ideal way to insulate oneself would be to have deeper rolls.

Till next week then..


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Vinay Suchede

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