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The long Schedule, prep and leaks…

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2012-05-08 at 12:00 AM

Its that time again. The uber long live schedule in Goa along with a sick online sched on stars. This basically means about 20 days of Non-Stop tournament poker. It starts with PGT, which has drawn in huge numbers in the first two editions. I have not been able to do much in the second season and I am really looking forward to a few deep runs. All the events have really deep structures and it should be fun. Next up is the UPC. They have a pretty decent schedule too with 50k Main which I suppose is deep. (If anyone from the IPC or the Aces crew can post the structure for the events it will be great. I havent seen any online. Just a request.). And Finally APT. I think there are more side events added this time around and also there is the Main Event. I hope I run deep in this Main event too and play some good poker.

I grinded online for a couple of days after I returned from the Philippines and havent gotten a decent score yet, although I ran deep in a few. I built a huge stack in the first SCOOP event but couldnt hold on to it. I hope I get a few results in the coming days where most guarantees will be crushed.

Getting ready for such a long tour and intense poker action is actually not a joke. Although its exciting to play these tournaments and meet your friends, everyone knows that we are there on a purpose. It is very important for me to get into the zone and work on my game before these events. I was able to identify a few leaks in my game (With Adi’s help of course) which I need to work on. I am basically going over a few hand histories for a couple of tournies I have run deep in. I realized that I need to control the aggression during the middle stages of the tournament. I know I am picking good spots most of the time but I need to tone down the aggression . This happened in the SCOOP and I was not happy with it. I realized this during this Philippines trip and played the deeper events accordingly (really solid). Although I dint cash, I cracked into Day 3 in the APT main and Day 2 of the APPT main and I was happy with the way I played. Another area I feel I need a lot of work on is Bet sizing. I dont have consistent bet sizes from what I have noticed which becomes very easy for a good player to exploit.

Another area which I need to work on is tough 6 max fields like the PGT highrollers event. I always end up either owning myself or getting owned on multiple levels in these fields and I am trying real hard to work on my 6 max game. One thing i have realized is that I peel a lot out of position with marginal hands against good players which is basically like a ” you are free to own me” public announcement.I have realized it now and tried to play my best during the SCOOP M 215 6 max.

Poker is a very funny game. Today if you do well in a tournament you feel you are playing the best poker of your life and tomorrow, once you have learnt a little more and look back, you realize that you could have played way better in that tournament than you actually did. It a continuous learning process and it always makes me feel like I have just started.

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Sangeeth Mohan

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