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The Nervous 1st Blog. Phew :)

Posted by Sharad Rao on 2014-05-18 at 12:00 AM

Damn, How do i start?

Yet another ‘poker aspirant’ in the house (:p)?

Will anyone be interested in my story?

That’s what is going through my mind while i start with these initial few lines…

Arrrrgghhhh socializing has never been my forte!!

[B][U]September 2011[/U][/B]

Everyone feels they are special. Destined for something BIG. Right? Who doesn’t :p
That feeling that someday, sometime you will be the best, be Iron Man/Bill Gates/Osama bin laden?
Well every teenager has his silly dreams and i had a pocket full of them
*that bin laden part was my reason behind taking aeronautical engineering (missiles :p)

Soon into college i realized that its easier said than done. I can’t be ‘bin laden and damn i was heartbroken. I needed someone who would cheer me up,
who would spend time with me and make me happy.

AND I found her.

Yes, you guessed it right!

I got a girlfriend.

Or wait……. I know i am a bit lucky but this lucky? Helllll Noooo;)

This was the time i got introduced to the Zynga Poker and [B]BOOOOOMMMM[/B].

-Instantly got Hooked to it.

-Playing 10 hours a day.

-Hitting 5M in afternoon—>Reaching 0 by night—> Off to bed

-This was my schedule for about 6 months

[B][U]We can make cash playing poker. WHAAAAAAT? Realllyyyy? Lets Do it.[/U][/B]

[B][U]Early 2013[/U][/B]

Soon i came to know that real money poker exists lol. But how can i make money with 0 bankroll?

Yes i did things the old fashioned way. [B]Freerollssss [/B]:p

-Deccan Poker [Mass multi accounted the freerolls with college friends 😛 ]
-888pokerz [Won some small buyin tourney, Got good 10k there]
-Royal Tilt [Won around 30k in tournaments]

Now all this while i knew nothing about poker, as in literally NOTHING.
Every Sunday i would buy 25$ from jdsaz who was the biggest player i knew in manipal and would play the storm and bigger11 thinking one day i’m gonna ship one of these.

Little did i know. :p

Soon all these Indian sites vanished and i was left with a few thousands and a poker face. 😮

-My Bankroll diminishing daily [wasn’t exactly my BR that was all i had except the pocket money i got :p]

Now only way to make some money was to start winning on the PokerStars.

This is when I start ‘GRINDING’

To be contd..

PS- too nervous to continue will be continuing further tomorrow. Do read. Cheers 🙂


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Sharad Rao

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