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Posted by Arjun Parmar on 2012-07-09 at 12:00 AM

hey guys hows it going? Recently my online game was not going so well. Actually i wasn’t playing with the proper BRM. i was at $200 and then in a day or two came down to $25 – $30. Was really feeling bad about the way things were going online for me but i was to be blamed for my loss. My fellow PG MP mates Vinay and Olli helped me with my online BRM and now ill be working on it and try and build up my BR slow and steady.

the PG OPL happened yesterday with around 50 – 55 players. The game started at 10pm was on till 12am. The tourney was great over all Congrats to Shashank.S to win the PG OPL for $216 first place. We started with 3000 chips and i played my TAG poker and had a good deep run and reached the final table being one of the short stacks. At the FT the game had become a bit loose since the blinds were increasing and the average BB was around 20 – 22. I then started building my stack by shoving a few hands against raises. Thanks to Prabhat’s shoving ranges which helped me with this play and i was able to make a good stack by the end of it.

The HU was between Shashank.S and Arj1985 (myself). This was where i made a very bad play. I Played it in a hurry for no reason and ended up coming 2nd in the tourney for $145. Overall i think i played good but i need to work on my HU play where i messed it up real bad and gave Shashank an easy win. Well i shall work on it and try n take down the next PG OPL. Untill then tc, safe and c you at the tables.

Cheers 🙂

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Arjun Parmar

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