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The Promise Of Migration

Posted by Nitish Gupta on 2012-06-01 at 12:00 AM

My first live series was a calling, somewhat destined to happen. Listening to the echo I followed it to Goa, and what it brought me in return was the promise of breathing in a whole new environment. It was Goa calling, and here I am now.
What a promising month of poker, it has been with PGT followed by UPC & APT along with the mentorship program adding some more notes in my learning of the game. I had been a little cold feet for some time now, a little nervous trying to learn to be at the level where good MTT players are, and upping my own game to get there. Desperation is what drives me to excel, I’m all out there to learn this year. So before I started with the mentorship program, I wanted to be ready so I decided to watch a lot of poker videos, and complete this particular series before I made a switch to live games. It was basically preparing me for the grind. Add to this, I was completely in it when the time came for those live sessions with Adi sir. I was completely blown over by the fact how those two initial sessions made a huge difference to my game, leaving me wondering how it may mould a player at the end of two to three months, if one is keen to hold onto that knowledge and execute his plans well. I’m awestruck yet focused.

To start things off,it started with PGT.. where i played 4 tournaments.
The 1st one was 5k freeze out.I started off playing aggressively & it was going well
& with just 14 players left i got it in with
7c7x on Tx2c4c against Jc5c.My opponent went on to hit a runner runner st.

Next was the 12k bounty(one of my fav Tournaments)
It started off well,but i got it in on Ax4d5d with AT after facing a c-r against AQ.

The 3rd one was the 25k Main event.
My table was pretty aggressive.
Initialy i started off aggressively,but after a few hands.I toned down my aggression
& decided to pick up good spots.Although i wasn’t able to build up much of a stack,I was hanging
in there around 20bb mark.There were some adjustments that i did to my game especially
around 20-30bbs,playing in goa.Coz i feel that’s where the majority of the game depends on.
I hovered around 20bb’s for the majority of part.
I open 55 from MP with 21bb stack
A lag player flats
AsKs9s i bet,he c-r me ~3x on top.I flat with the intention of getting it in
if another spade falls
i check to him,He bets..I shove..He snap folds.
An unknown Player shoved from EP with 8bb’s,i reshoved from btn.
A7 vs 99,i managed to knock him out.
Next orbit,kc shoves from utg+1 with 10bb’s
I re-shoved from late position with 99
99 vs A5.I hold & managed up to build up a decent stack.
After a decent stack,i start putting decent pressure on my opponents both pre-flop & post flop

With 11 players left
30bbs effective,A swedish player opens for 2.5x from co,i 3-bet him light from sb.
He 4-bet jammed ,i folded..I thought this was a great spot to 3-bet & put pressure on him.
He showed AK.

With 9 players left,
A weak player limped with 12bb’s,Swedish guy shoves for 14bb from co.I re-shoved with A9s
Limper folds,He showed 77
I managed to win that pot,& also got the chip lead.
Soon one more player got knocked out,& Day 1 ended.With me being the chip leader.
I was very happy with my overall game.

Day 2 main event.
I started of playing aggresively as i knew people will be playing tight because of the money jumps.
40bb’s effective
I min raise from btn.with KQo
Lawrence defends
FLop JQ7,He leads pot size.I flat
Turn J,He leads 1/2 pot,i flat
river T,check-check. He shows J2,I muck.

Soon we were down to 3 players,My stack got dented
my TT vs A6,didn’t hold up
KJ vs AT,didn’t improve.

Husain,in the mean time knocked out one more guy & we were down to HU
He had a 4:1 chip lead.
I had about 10bb’s.
I open shoved K2s,He snap called TT..
Board KQ6 2 T
Thus,finished 2nd.

To be contd…

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Nitish Gupta

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