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Posted by JAIDEEP on 2013-07-01 at 12:00 AM

Hi people i am a frequent blogger on Poker School online and since i want to improve my chances to get into the next PGMP i will post all of this yr blog i wrote


[B]Starting to get a feel…i hope i am[/B]

Its been almost 5 days since i started my challenge to convert 100$ into the magic 100000$… (Andre coimbra challenge)….

I started pretty good and in my first session only booked a profit … other session also went good.. bt then thr was a backlashto my original bankroll ..which was 75$.. so i took the momnet to add 25$ to make it officially the 100$ to 100k challenge…

Am currently at 114$ with an extra ~8$ in the SUNDAY grind bankroll..

i might take a hault over in a day…Am going to GOA…its the only place in India whr casinos r allowed..i won an online 100$ ticket for a tourney over thr..mostly around 100 people r gonna participate and first prize would be in the 2000$ range…whatever happens its a freeroll for me and i will enjoy it…

2 of my friends have also won a ticket…one has a 100$ ticket..whereas another friend has the 100$ ticket plus the 700$ ME ticket…he is also putting 200 of his own $’s to play the event between the starting 100$ event and 700$ ME…will tell u afterwards whatever happens..till then enjoy and gl at the tables



Am still in Goa while writing this blog entry…

we arrived in Goa like 6 hours before the tourney and settled in a hotel nearby …after few hours of rest we went into the casino..The casino poker floor was all full of the cash game tables and pretty much with people oozing and dropping money from their pockets

Heard a hubband say to his wife to lose only a certain amoout of money..i wont say what that amount was bt its enough to pay for an average yearaly tution fee in my country…

We went and started to rail a few cash tables…A hand so happened that the after 2 limpers the middle position raises 6x…cutoff min reraises to 12x.. the limpers get out of the way…nt being afraid of the 3-bet the intial raiser 4 bets to 24x…cutoff thinks for a while and shoves…intial raiser calls…He then starts asking the cutoff guy if he had QQ’s or JJ’s pretty much telling his hand out that he had AK…being a cash game it isn’t necessary for the cards to be turned up…Cutoff says no and the flop is opened…10 10 K… cutoff jumps up with a loud sound and tables 10 10 for QUADS… turn comes a 6 river K… a so was wishing intial guy had KK…bt he said he had AK and mucked… the pot was enough to cover most of my bankroll online…

The 100$ tourney i was freerolling into started at 9pm… before that we passed our time enjoying the unlimited food and drinks…i did nt comsume any alcohol and satisfied myself with juices itself…I DON’T DRING AT WORK

At the start of the tourney we were handed our table seat numbers and to our delite all the 3 of us were seated on different tables…I was table 6 seat 8… i went and sat at the second last seat when a guy comes up and asks me to shift one seat before..i say am in my seat bt he tells me the tourney is 10 handed…WHATTT..what a drag….hate 10 handed tourneys

Wait a minute i have seen this guy somewhere…he sits down at the 10th seat and thats when i remember where i have seen him…Happens so he is the TLB points leader for INDIA at pocketfives…just my normal routine…pro having position on me….rest of the table included 2 ladies…four 30ish old guys…a 50ish tr old guy who seemed to be in the wrong place to say the least and some guy to my immediate left probably 23-24 leaving me the youngest at the table…..

Structure was 5000 chips 25 min levels…

Played very few hands in the starting levels just tried to get a hang around what was happening at the table…one guy bust his flopped tripped to runner runner fullhouse….then saw some weird overbet river bets by the lady to my right…boyy was a in a jungle or what…different to my expectation the TLB leader wasn’t tring to bully from the start…everyone knew who he was and his few raises at late positions were 3-betted and taken down….

First major hand

I get deal AcQh at SB(50/100)

round to me with 4 limpers…i don’t want a huge pot OOP so prefer just to complete and see the flop…BB checks…flop is Qc 10c 6c…JIN…flop all checked.turn 10….nt the best of cards i was looking for bt am nt worried yet….turn a lead 50%..get called 2 places…nw this could get trickey…nw river comes Kc….its pretty much my hand unless i got semi coolered nw..i lead 40% now and both folded

another had was a raised cut K9..SB complets BB moves out..flop 3 5 10 rainbow ..nw the lady leads to me..pretty weird..i felt she connected bt nt strongly…i casualy call…turn Q… she checks i bet 600…very much repping a made hand…she calls it …river i saw her trying to ansiously wait for river to be dealt…river came A…she checks,,,i take a 1000 chips bet it ..she folds…

I hardly got any pockets or premiums in the whole tourney…44 once,,had to fold to a 4 bet before action came to me…77 that i raised early position and frm nowhere got 4 callers and giving blinds enough odds to call..flop 35J..SB leads BB reraised..i simply fold…happens SB had J$ and sucked out river to BB 35…

There were two ladies on my table bt never got them in my cards together..nor the cowboys or rockets…got jacks once which i having an effictive stack of 25BB limped utg thinking to jam on anyone who raise..no one raises buttons calls…BB the old guy with the carefree attltude calls…flop Q high..he literally almost min bets ..i call…turn K..nw he bombs it..i let my jacks go…

This old guy had been the pain in everone’s A** on the table..playing any two and hitting them..more than that a guy tried to bluff him 2 streaks with Q high and he kept calls with KQ on a very wet board….KING high wins

The TLB guy started playing hypers on his I-phone and seemed diinterested in the tourney as a whole maybe too small stakes for him….whatever

Wont go into many hands bt i lasted 4 hrs and and final hand i had was this


UTG lady puts a 1000 chip and brings one more from behind…dealer informs she canot raise nw and that would be counted as a call…i had lost a pot some hands back and had 4800 left..i look at her and say okay i’ll do it for u and pust my stack in with AdKs

Everone fold to the other lady who i had been talking to throughtout she looks down and tells me she has to call this…i intial limper who wanted to raise utg also calls…pot 13K (around average at that time..the tourney was pretty shortstacked as a whole ..no room for plays)..i get up and let the 2 ladies play for a side pot…Flop 9c 3h Kh…i show no reaction to the flop…intial utg players donks 1000 into the pot..gets called..turn 9h..nt the card i want to see i said to myself…check check…turn Jh…thats was such a yuk cards i knew it…utg bets 5k…late position player fold…i thought i got flushed away…she flips her hand JcJs….no i got setted…i show my AK..wish everone luck and leave..got to know later she cashed for a 10th place so i can atleast say i lost to someone who won something i guess…gg all….and HOW IS IT WHEN I TAKE A LEAD ON FLOP IN A RACE DO I GET RIVERED …

what can i say the ladies got me and they were’nt QQ..gg…will be back here soon and gonna bring the house down

still a pretty good experience and did i say food excuisite



I am back to the 100$ start-up money leaving the Sunday grind 15$ aside…

I have been missing something in my grinds…my long sessions have been the worst hit of them all.

As i had told before i started by making my BR online with playing the 1$ 45 man non-turbo frOm a starting bankroll of 10$ so am nOt all shattered by my downswing.

One more reason i started this challenge was because i wanted to learn how to play turbos…

Am at almost at the same road when i felt people play any two at the 50 cent level…i know if u jump up to 1$ there isn’t much of a jump bUt still the plays r different at-least that’s what i noticed in my previous encounters at theses levels…

So most over here will think its a wrong decision to move up during a downswing bt my decision in also based on my assessment of my previous encounters and my familiarity to the 1$ game where i have numerous notes on the regulars…Also am thinking of buying a poker software and want to set aside 100-150$ for it…maybe will use my Sunday grind BR at first for this.

Its been a recommendation by “acoimbra” to buy the software in his blog…he is currently at 190$..good going sir… #AintOverTillTheFatLadySings


Have been a bit busy primarily shifting to an apartment and setting up all the basic necessities in order so as soon as i get my net connection will start grinding big ..probably by the coming TUESDAY..

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