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Posted by JAIDEEP on 2013-07-01 at 12:00 AM



Firstly a HUGE congratulation to “acoimbra” to reach 2000$.. sick really sick.. within around 20 days he has done his bankroll 20x… salute to u sir….

Coming back to me i have a bit busy in shifting and all so havent been able to put in much time for poker… my bankroll only sits at a lowly 120$ thats a 0.2x of the seed money….

The difference between him and me is to put it politely very very very huge…

bt there is a silver lining…. I have tracked his progress no matter i have been playing or not… he himself in his blog mentions that he had hoped just to touch 1000$ by end of February whereas he nw finds himself with 2k on the 8th itself.. a very good session and of course the awesome poker skill are to be appreciated…

I have been doing some of my homework i guess… he has many a times and often emphasised on the use of a helping software.. since i cant solely invest on it from my BR cause it would be pretty substancial AND NO-ONE WILL PROBABLY GIFT ME ONE (ANONE INTERSTED IN GIFTING?) i have looked at other avenues how i can get it… both the major softwares POKER TRACKER 4 as well and HOLDEM MANAGER sites offer these softwares for free if someone creates an account in most major sites though them by their bonus codes… Since i had made my PokerStars account long back i could not use it here but was able to use it to make accounts on other sites.. pretty obviously these sites are not as good as STARS or FULLTILT but the games specially cash r softer and i plan to march out as soon as i hot the points required to get the softwares for free… if i make extra $’s in this process its an even bigger win….

So what can i say MR ACOIMBRA might be running hot but mind i remind u there is a lot of time left in the year and i have not become discouraged by him reaching 2k already… my teachers used to say slow and steady wins the race.. i would slightly like to change it and say that was the sayining of the 20th century.. in the 21st century PROPER PLANNING AND CONSISTENCY WINS THE RACE…. so might reach thr first MR ACOIMBRA bt be sure i will follow if not reach the MILESTONE first

gl at the tables guys


haha pretty much how Valentines day is for most of us .. SINGLES AWARENESS DAY

Mr Acoimbra can well gift something nice to his girl friend with such a huge SUNDAY he had.. if u did not know he is upto almost 8k from 100$ in less than 25 days…. and if u thought of me am still at 104$ and almost 8$ in the SUNDAY GRIND bankroll…

yaya he left me way back in the race but i have not stopped cause i have left playing bt am preparing for the big push…

Am collecting WMD’s (weapons of mass destruction).. if u wonder what they are they are HOLDEM MANAGER,POKERTRACKER and TABLE NINJA… like acoimbra has said many a times… HUD are a requirement in the present state of poker… few people i know use HUD’s have told me hw benificial it is specially in SNG’s

I have moved my base from Stars Inc to other sites till 25th Feb so as to utilize the promotions pokertracker and Holdem manager offer for setting up new accounts elsewhere and getting the software esentially for free (SORRY STARS )

But when i will come back probably from March am gonna blow everthing away

I started this challenge but do still play with my other bankroll on Fulltilt…

I started on Fulltilt post black Friday and utilising a bronze level freeroll money in which i came 5th for 40T$ i started my grind thr after losing my initial 2 20$ transfers from STARS…. i was refered to FTP by my friend which gabe me the refer a friend promo benefits…

I predominently played PLO thr.. i like PLO cash games much more than NL holdem although i prefer NL tourneys also… u can say i oretty much suck at NLholdem cash games

Ran my roll up to 300$ with all the refer a friend benefits included…i was fairly easily able to clear all the 115$ allowed through refer a friend…

In this process i also made almost 3000 FTP points…

These points i played sats to higer buyin tourney or higher points sateelites and was able to convert the 3k points into 15000 at one point…. I won many points sattelites to events and presently i have aroud 12000 points ad have earned myself 1 entry in the COOL million tourney at Full tilt.. i will be predominetly grinding these points satelites wheras trying to earn points for the free software also.. so this is pretty much the plan for FEBruary…

So don’t be all comfortable over thr MR ACOIMBRA……

WINTER IS COMING (i mean march)

to all the GAME OF THRONES fans who understood this UR WELCOME


[B]In between regional series shares selling[/B]

also i the meantime am selling shares for a series on regional series on PokerStars


get me at [url]http://t.co/oodLva0q[/url]



As i told i would not be playing the challenge till the AOPS series ends but it seems things ended a little to early for me.. i was able to play only 3 events… i overslept on the Event 4, it had no late registration… Event 5 i could not play cause i have some personal issues to attlend to… so it didn’t seem fair to play with the stakers money in only 7 events.. being a 9 Event only package i thought the right thing to do would be return all the money i got from stakes..about 27% of the package and bear the almost 45$ loss since it was my fault majorly only

still the events that i played i felt i played my A game but got unlucky at crutial points..the results

Event 1-11 $ 1R they removed it from client so don’t remember the rank but it was early only cost-11$
Event 2-3.3$ 1R1A came 57 45 paid cost-9.9$
Event 3-22$ came 66 54 paid cost-22$

Will still take some time returning to stars cause am still trying to get Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker for FREE by RAKEBACK…

so ADIOS till next time


WBCOOP…THE BLOG…am i even eligible? am I am I 😀

WBCOOP.. the World Blogger Championship of Online Poker is here… last year i had only read about this series but since this year i started blogging i guess am eligible for the promotion… I am an in house BLOGGER u can say since i blog at Poker School Online itself…

Reading about the previous years of WBCOOP it seems a very succesful series …People get they writing effort cashed out in the form of tournament tickets and cash…a chance to play the bigger buyin tourneys that seems so elusive to someone like a micro stakes grinder like me….A chance to get into those events through WBCOOP and bing one…ONE TIME….

The MARATIK story last year ,can this be my year ?

Am a grinder..i put a lot of hours daily into the game….be in replaying hands ….watching videos ….attending training at PSO or playing live….

I have a group of friends who are all hooked to poker…any guesses who got them hooked to it…UR WELCOME POKERSTARS…I mostly helped them all with their first deposits as well cause depositing from INDIA into foreign sites has become a problem…most of them preferred cash games even though i recommended them to make a roll playing SNG’s like i did….

They don’t listen…what can i do…they run the 10$ i give them to 25$ and them jump into higher limits then push their QQ’s for their whole roll against AQ and the opponent binks an ACE…they call it bad beat ….i try to explain to them its variance and hw they are gonna be winners in the long run but they don’t listen…the guy who just busted u has a roll that is equal to 100 times his buyin amount whereas you are in for your last dime…he will play more freely..more agressively..more calmly ..moreover whatever way he wants to play while you will play hoping to catch ACES when some one has KINGS..things don’t work that way in poker in short term…


This story because i have a MEGA PLAN ..a plan that involves these friends of mine…i plan that almost came into play when i ran deep in the Bigger 11$…11 spots away and i would have cashed in 20k but sadly it was not to be…

I have a plan to give all my friends a decent roll to play..BUT..there’s always a BUT …under my supervision..under my bankroll management rules…u like playing .05/.10 NL so play i’ll stake you but don’t move up after winning three buyins …move up when u have 100 Buyins of the above level…

All this requires me to have a big enough roll to back my friends…they have a decent understanding of the game and it will be more of an investment for me ranther than a gift … I owe these friends of mine a lot (non-monetery of couse ).

WBCOOP can make a beginning for all of this..a beginning for a MEGA PLAN to come in order…

If i win the best blooger prize that will a pust towars the MEGA PLAN but i have my eyes set on bigger scores…

GL all may the flop turn and river be with u


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