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Posted by JAIDEEP on 2013-07-01 at 12:00 AM



What everone wants from this promotion is a big win (ain’t that a case always)…

We want to come first so that we come first cause we want to come first in the 109$ SCOOP event also..

We wanna come first cause the leader board has 5k T$ and SCOOP ME ticket on top

We want but what we forget is plan

So here is the PLAN

I know most of the games so will try and miss as many HOLDEM events as possible and pick PLO STUD DRAW games if i feel thr isn’t much of a crowd thr…

Reason-See the Leaderboard point awarding system… u come first in a 500 people NL event u get the same points if u do so in a 250 people BADUGI event…

NL has been the most understood game by far by all… so as poker player one should learn new things whr the FISH are more…

So hence i skipped event 5-8.. will be back in EVENT-9 and since i came second in the first PLO hi/low tourney i played hoping for a rungood


[B]My Stint with a staker[/B]

A reason why i wasn’t much active on STARS was i tried to get myself a staker… i got one but i could not agree on the terms and after only 5 days we mutually parted ways… i lost 15 $ of his money which i will happily return to him and i also thank him for being the first person outside my friend circle to have staked me.

My reason for backing out was i wasn’t pretty sure what i wanted in a staker..And the terms seemed a bit weird to me.. I AM NEVER GONNA NAME NAMES HERE.That would be very bad and UNPROFESSIONAL….

Also i could not get to understand why someone will take backing if he has to pay up all the losses (hence me paying 15$)

It would be i guess fine for a person who is totally bust and needs some money to play with but i could never understand hw it is beneficial for players who have a good enough roll and just so as to reduce the variance while moving up they r taking backing

I guess i need backing that had only half of me backed and not only profits but losses also to be equally distributed…

In my challenge bankroll i have lost 15 $.

Its negligible to my whole bankroll but still a 5% to my challenge bankroll…

Also i had planned to play the whole Micro Million series but as i was not allowed to play anything while being staked for particular games i was not allowed to play…i had initially thought of selling a package out for 650$ out of which i would have 40% i.e. my challenge bankroll and grind the whole series itself…

I was even able to sell around 40% but when i was told i could not play i duly turned the package off….

MAYBE the other MICROMILLIONS i will be able to play the hole through my BR

That’s about what has happened in the past 10 days to me in poker..

Also have had some pretty good live cash game sessions and have had 5 winning sessions in a row getting me 20BI as profits…PRETTY NICE

I will tell one of the interesting hands here .The games r ultra-loose and straddling and any two cards r being played…no logical raises and shoves r very standard in these games…i play TAG and let people bluff of their chips and pretty much only bluff in spots which i think r for sure PROFITABLE

So here is the hand…

BIG stack bully UTG straddles to 2X..i am utg +1

Look down at AsAc…the games r full ring…Standard play would be raise to 6-7x…i thought of playing tricky cause everyone was ultra-loose and i was sure a raise was coming for sure…

To my surprise all call behind me till the straddler….who too checks…

Now i am 8 handed with my ROCKETS which i feel r sure to be burned down by someone’s trips with 29 or something….we have antes also so the pot was around 20BB…

flop comes down Kd Ah 2d….

GIN…blinds check..utg LAG straddled bets out 10BB…one caller ahead of me …i also flat in position…

turn is Ks…i have a boat already now…utg+1 checks…guy ahead of me checks…now i try to analyze what these guys might have…i was sure one of them had a flush draw (off course i was wrong) but i was hoping someone had a KING….I think for a sec and CHECK BEHIND….

pot is 50BB

River is 5d….I become so happy seeing the river hoping someone completed their flush…

LAG UTG bets out 10BB…its a pretty small bet considering the size of the pot…i want value so after some Hollywood i reraise 40BB more. I want ot be called here and feel an ACE is also paying me here…
To my surprise LAG almost instant SHIPS to 100BB essentially putting me all in…Insta call by me knowing i have best hand. He can never have KK there for sure by his line…i don’t even wait for him to show his hand and turn over the ROCKETS..SCOOP the 300BB pot …

He sadly shows me K5 for a rivered Full house also


[B]Now that i am Backon my OWN ROLL[/B]

I had a very very short stint at being a staked horse

I ended it within 5 days cause i thought it did not help my goals …though i had no problem with my STAKERS.

I will come back to the Challenge Bankroll at the end of this week…probably with the 22$ Micro MILLION ME and special Sunday storm through my one left WBCOOP 11$ ticket (i lost one )…hope i win the ME ticket throught the PSO freeroll..that would be great…i couldn’t play that yesterday as i was too busy with out of challenge PLO games multitabling..happens so my Flatmate won his 22$ ticket..congrats to him…

This week i am pretty much busy and won’t be able to play online much…GOOD luck to my friends playing the MICROMILLION …ship some guys

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