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The Right Side of Variance & Getting Back to Cash Games

Posted by Vivek Singh on 2019-04-27 at 9:43 AM

Hello there! Hope you are well hydrated this summer.I wanted to write this blog to share some updates about my poker life and a recent memorable score.

Currently, my poker regime has mostly included study and work on my post-flop MTT game (afternoon session). Here,I dissect options in different spots and then start with my MTT grind in the evening. On days that I decide to play live cash, I skip my 3 – 9 pm study session. I then play the online MTT`s which starts at 9:30 pm.

Adi (Aditya Agarwal, Mentor & Coach) at PokerGuru Staking has also started mentoring a new batch of poker students. I say this because I make it a point to attend all these classes and take a few sessions with them as it’s always good to brush up on my poker knowledge. I am lucky enough to be able to do this recap with Adi himself, which immediately reflects on my games.

I have been running deep lately but I haven’t converted any big wins. My recent runs were the PokerStars India High Roller 2nd place finish and a Thursday Monster stack win on PokerBaazi. Highroller win was a special one as Adi was also on the FT which boosted my confidence and hence, I navigated my stack pretty well to the win. It was a really tough FT with the likes of Adi, hoodlincs (Nitin Jain), kornkid (Rubin labroo) all in the running. When it was 4 handed with hoodlincs, kornkid, Adi and me, it was quite an exciting battle with all of us having the CL at a point, and the swings were going well, pretty crazy. It feels good when you’re at the right side of variance being 4 handed with good aggressive players.

I had position over Adi which made a huge difference as he started with the CL. Having position over one of the most aggressive chip leaders in the field was a blessing on the final table for me. My stack allowed me to play tight in the first half of the final table as I was very short. Adi also doubled me up when he opened from the button as CL, I had close to 16 – 18 bbs, I jammed from the small blind with QJo and got called by him holding ATo. I got lucky there and that opened a window for me to finish and reach to the top. I made a heads-up deal with Adi where we both started shoving every hand. Eventually, Adi took the trophy but I bagged more money. Now that, was a memorable event!

Nonetheless, I was honestly missing playing live as I was juggling between lengthy online study and grind sessions. I returned to playing live cash games recently and it is like getting back to where it all started. It’s a different feeling altogether. The games I am playing right now are super deep and high variance, so the swings have been huge, but I am looking forward to putting in more volume to see positive results.

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Vivek Singh

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