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The Run Bad – Play Bad Syndrome.

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2012-06-25 at 12:00 AM

I always thought I ran bad in Macau. Always. I have lost many crucial flips, lot of HUGE equity spots when I was ahead (APPT) and lost a lot of showdowns . However, the point I am trying to make is not that Macau is a place where I run bad, but was looking back at how I have played there over the last year, when I have been there 5 times.

I know when I run bad, (I could have been the only 4 time Big 109 winner ever), I mean I have come that close many a time and lose a crucial and ridonkulous AK vs AT for like a CL pot and stuff like that. Thats run bad and I know it. I have seen it happen to me and its a very bad feeling when it happens to you.

I was analysing my game this time around i was in Goa and was seeing if I was actually running bad. I wasnt. I was flopping sets, I was making my flushes, I was hitting my straights and I wasnt particularly card dead (which I really dont worry about anyways. My notorious shoving ranges are famous by now)

So why am I not able to get results in live or online tournaments? Although I found the answer, I was very upset about it. I am not playing tournaments perfectly. Intervention for example (No I am not comparing me with him. I idolize him and it will stay that way) can play a tournament without making a single mistake. I can guarantee this.
Now I cannot guarantee this in my case, there are spots when I know what to do, but get carried away by my instincts or out level myself on a lot of occassions. I do not think right about hands in a few spots and I need to work on it.

Hand analysis (What you think about the hand when it is your turn to act) is a one of the most important part of the game as most of us know. But do we have a method to do this? What do you think of ? What do u start with? Hand ranges, position, Image, Action, what?

Here is what I am gonna do, I am going to post a hand on the forum and I want whoever is interested to write down their thought process about the hand. We are going to do this street by street so we are on the same page and we can probably figure out a method to do this. This is not for advice but for thought process. I want your entire thought process about the hand given the information and I want you to end it with, what should be our next move in that hand.

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Sangeeth Mohan

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