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The Secret behind Online MTT’s -The Winning Move

Posted by chunky sharma on 2015-10-05 at 12:00 AM

Hello Pokerites ,
I am playing poker from quite a long time (online only), want to share how we can avoid mucking cards !! I know that felling when pointer goes on muck >:(

-While registering in tournament of 60+ players we need to sit for at least 2.30hrs (on Indian Sites) .
-In early level of MTT fold as much as you can, xcept you have Big Slick or Pocket Rockets. -After 3-4 levels ante started getting deducted. From this point the game starts, coz most of the Calling Station’s kicked out from MTT.
-In mid levels we can play more freely now, believe me if you started your tourney with monster hand you have an edge over table and more table control .
-After crossing mid level you can sense up’s and down, more action and excitement.
-Don’t forget to manage your stack, folding every hand is also an issue. (The Blinds)
– When 18-20 players left and paid prize is for top 9-12 players, the most interesting part of tourney came the “Bubble”. In which one needs to play more tight and see the action going around. Coz at this time cards came like AJ, AQ,99 etc. where players go all ins and AQ>AJ<99.
– On final table look at your position where you are placed and where the chip leader is. For me on final table “Play the person not cards”. Coz chip leader have some advantage and avoid calling his raises .
-Final 2-4 players where you can play free now.

My Learning on playing online MTT’s
1. Play only 5-6 hands , and you can make place in final table.(Pot winning)
2. Cash game is different from MTT’s following cash game strategy never works in MTT’s.
3. Hit the deck when in position .
4. Don’t let anyone steal your blinds (TAGvsLAG)
5. Avoid calling raises from chip-leader.
6. Avoid Bluffing .
7. By dong this their is high chances you become table fav. and ultimately the winner !!!
Kudos !!!

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chunky sharma

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