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The Thin Line Between Being Fearless & Stupid

Posted by Rony Chowdhury on 2019-05-08 at 10:01 PM

Hi, I am at an initial stage of my poker career as MTT poker player and I used to complain a lot about the bad beats I receive and how bad rich players play and get lucky. Well after grinding full time MTT for over a year now I realized that there is so many aspects and dimensions of MTT which I wasn’t aware of, and that it is not like typical 100BB deep cash game play. Here we have to adapt different pre-flop strategies at different stack depths, post-flop play also varies from position to position and the most important aspect of MTT “ICM”. Oh my god! There’s so much to learn yet. We are receiving an eye opening coaching under the guidance of Aditya “Intervention” Agarwal.
We have to be fearless at poker table, but also there is a very thin line between being fearless and being stupid. We have to draw these lines and balance ourselves to be a better poker player.
Also, I would like to suggest to control your tilt, play optimal poker and results will be show up in the long run. I see people buy in 10-15 times in a 100x gtd MTT and going broke in a month. Poker is not ending any soon, there is always a next day, be patient. Cheers and Gl.

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Rony Chowdhury

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