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The week’s ruminations:

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-10-08 at 12:00 AM

The last blog I wrote about a Players alliance attracted mixed responses ranging from support to cynicism (that our small community would never be able to pull this and also a fear that this will unnecessarily put it into focus of politicians looking for soft issues). Anyway I still believe there is a need for this. This is not to publicise and try to bring issue in the limelight but to have some organised representation which will fight to disassociate poker from gambling and gambling laws. An organizer who runs a raked poker room came into contact with me and expressed interest in getting this started. I say go for it guys, even though I had mentioned that in my personal view that the board members should be only poker players. In my opinion, it should just be transparent non-profit organisation and should not indulge in any particular brand promotion. Rest of the framework can be decided by the people interested in setting this up.

Anyway, back to my own poker. I was able to put in 3 days of MTT poker last week instead of my committed minimum of 4 days. This week I am definitely doing more. No football on telly this weekend so will be able to play in the weekend also. Nothing of note as far as results are concerned. A couple of min cashes here and there. But there was a Suchede who did bink something. ; – ) (mom won the IPL 6K KO last Sunday) Btw, a small feedback to organizers and poker rooms: if possible do allow registrations and tourney buy-in deposits at the jetty entrances. If a person’s name is not on the poker list, it becomes tedious to get the whole thing sorted out. A rep from the organizers at the jetty desk would be fantastic and this itself will bump your numbers. Same for cash game players. I think we all need unknown walk-ins in the poker rooms, if you get my drift : ) Maybe there could be “poker room only redeemable 10K chip” for entry at the jetty’s.

The PGMP, as my other colleagues, have mentioned in their blogs is winding down with HH reviews. I believe this is one of the best learning tools there is (the HH review i.e). I am really excited about the next couple of sessions.

PGMP 2 will start by 20th Oct or so. Again applying for this is a no-brainer. I mean proper poker coaching can be anything from 100$ – 500$ an hour. We have got around 15+ 60-90 min sessions for FREE! You figure the math now. Also don’t know if there will be a PGMP 3. Just read our testimonials here (and also apply for it in the same thread):


Also read Adi’s blog here on the requirements to be selected:


Good Luck to all applicants for getting selected!

Till next week then..


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Vinay Suchede

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