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Think Positively & Envision a Better Tomorrow

Posted by Rohit Mishra on 2019-12-17 at 5:24 PM
Rohit Mishra

The first thing I want to share with everyone who ends up reading this – similar to life, I have realized that poker is also a journey and we can’t let our frustrations build over time and take over because it’s the journey that matters and not the destination.

I have been on a terrible downswing lately, and currently, my focus is to be comfortable and not lose cool, even if the situation worsens. For, e.g. this downswing has been going for a pretty long time for me now, and it’s vital for me to not lose sight of where I need to be and analyzing why I am going through this in the first place.

Today I am going to be talking about how thinking positively can help any poker player envision a better tomorrow.

For context, recently, I went to a bootcamp with my coach Adi (Aditya Agarwal) and some other PokerGuru Staking members, and this bootcamp taught me several other important things and not just poker.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Adi because it’s been such a helpful trip for me on numerous levels.

It’s made me realize that as human beings, we are quite short-sighted, and this obviously has its consequences in poker. It’s imperative to not lose sight of what you’re working for. It’s crucial to feel good about yourself as that helps in changing the way you look at everything. It’s going to change your perspective while playing poker too. It’s essential to not let any doubts or insecurities get the better off you. At the same time, its crucial to study and understand the difference between the correct and incorrect move at every step.

Currently, I am trying to do everything that I would have done if I wasn’t in this downswing; instead of getting struck by it and getting into a dead zone. I made it a point to exercise, study, take breaks, and celebrate every now and then. I mean nothing big but just a small get together with friends, just to feel good about myself and to know that I am doing this for a reason. And to feel alive about it, simple.

Now, I would like to talk about the mistakes that we can rectify by thinking positively. The mistake that we usually make is either misinterpreting the situation or the application of a solution. As poker players, we find ourselves becoming victims of detrimental thinking and selective memory working negatively. This can be tackled with the help of positive thinking.

By tilting and letting negativity get to us, we allow our brains to fall back to detrimental thinking as these are triggered by memories in our subconscious, which we associate with similar negative events that happened in the past. By thinking positively, we allow our brains to be creative and come up with optimal solutions depending on the situation.

Signing off, I would like to share how excited I am about the January schedule. It’s going to be a great New Year, and I am coming for both the Baazi Poker Tour and India Poker Championship loaded and prepared with everything in my arsenal.

See you all at the tables!

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1 year ago

Very well done, thank for sharing your inspirational story.

Rohit Mishra

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