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This is Sparta.

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2015-09-28 at 12:00 AM

Its been a while since I blogged. The last one year has been very active on the personal front with me getting married and shifting base to Kochi. I have mostly been on the organization front of Poker. Having organized half a dozen or so Poker tournaments in Bangalore .It has been an eye opener for me when it comes to Poker in India. Poker is just as fascinating a game to me even when I am not three betting or making crazy calls, but breaking tables instead.

Poker in India has grown exponentially from when I started playing about 5 years ago. The tournaments have increased in frequency and we witnessed the highest footfall in any Indian Poker Tournament in the recently concluded IPC August’15. Also there are a number of online Poker sites that offer state of the art player experience. Spartan being one of the latest entrants. Speaking of Spartan Poker, it is the coming together of the biggest Poker conglomerates in India, namely IPC and PokerGuru. I started my career with PokerGuru. In a way PokerGuru is my alma mater.

IPC and PG back in the day were the two biggest names in the Poker industry, each with its own tournament brand. They were the early birds and good at what they did so the competition was pretty hard core. One can even call it a cold war of sorts. This was back in 2011-12, fast forward to 2015 we have 2 of the most revered Poker banners coming together to revolutionize Poker in India. Which is a very smart thing to do. Why compete and have collateral damage, when you can join forces and actually change the face of Poker in India. The inception of Spartan Poker is a huge milestone in the history of Indian Poker industry.

And it gives me great pride to be chosen as the first Spartan Pro and to represent them is an honour. I began my Poker career under the tutelage of Aditya “Intervention” Agarwal. And went on to becoming a PokerGuru pro. Those days were life changing for me both professionally and personally. Anyone who has interacted with Intervention knows what exactly I am talking about. Every person in their life reaches a turning point which changes everything for him. And being a PG pro was exactly that for me.

Spartan Poker has a great team, high spirits, and the best interest of the game in mind. . See you all at the felts, both virtual and real!!!

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Sangeeth Mohan

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