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Titanic Sinks Twice?

Posted by Dharamveer Singh on 2013-03-12 at 12:00 AM

Yo Everybody!

[Golden Pro tip for winning all tourneys 1st time you play them: Hidden below, Don’t try to scroll, Read through to understand]

Pretty happening last few days at PGMP!

Arjun took a Score of 38K ! šŸ˜Ž
Adi and Anti have both shipped one atleast for the week!
I played my 1st “The big 16.5” and I guess the 1st time luck worked liked a charm! Took it down for 3.6K (Had a 3 way chip chop deal) after a FT finish in Hot 11

So, now I am at home and been pretty active again (by my own standards) playing a couple of tourneys everyday. Last 5-6 games have been over 5K! Yipee!![URL=”https://pokerguru.in/forum/entry.php?588-Long-time-no-Ship”] The FT finish[/URL]

So, I ordered a new Laptop from Dell, close to 75K (Used Dad’s Credit Card :P)

Now that I am at home, he keeps inquiring about Poker, PokerGuru, Goa, Vegas, WSOP, etc.

Dad: “Woa! You’re playing 3 together, You started gambling man, You gonna loose a lot”
“Guruji plays 20 at a time yaar” – I replied, He always uses Guruji to address Adi, so me too šŸ˜€

“How much did you start with?”
I convert and say “about 1200”, was playing Hot 11, the big 8.8 and some 180s

“Atleast, play safe till you get that amount back”
I try to explain, how everybody thinks this way, and so I should be more aggressive, He still tries to convince me, first I should get back the 11 invested and then go for the win! [Face Palm]

He’s a really cool guy, he found/created a Hindi Idiom for Poker

[B]”Murkho ka dhan, Samajhdar ki khurak hain”[/B]

Fool’s money is smart guy’s food!

I LOLed so hard, we talk about this everyday atleast 2-3 times, there’s something in the way he says that makes your day šŸ˜€

So, this was pretty much the background before starting “The Big 16.5”

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I open PS at around 2, I see last minute registration in “The Big 16.5” and Jump in.

I had 12BB, but thanks to PGMP, I knew how to make the most of them, within no time, I was close to Average. From Level -1 to Level 2. This is my personal way of looking at an MTT game, I divide them into levels and play around, it’s also easier to discuss with friends, what Level I got out, how I was going for a level up and ended up 2 levels down šŸ˜€

Brief Outlook::

Level -1: When you’re way below the Average Chip Stack, cause you wanted to bluff that noob of his Ace pair and that fish called.

Level 0: You start here, You’re happy with so many chips, so many BB!! You can play this for eternity, catching cards, alas you’ve 200BB!!

Level 1: You have a double up, you’re close to 1.5 times the Average Stack.

Level 2: You have played and won that flip, antes have kicked in, you’ve close to 60BB and are comfortably in the top 500

Level 3: You have used that lite 3b to good use, and are now looming in the 50-90 range.

Level 4: Man, that flush draw actually hit! That fish gave you all his stack with his 2 pairs over your straight! We now still have 80BB, but these are crucial 80 BB cause we are in the top 9, that FT finish looks close, only 100 odd guys remain!

Level 5: You dominated them, fed on their fears like the scarecrow, and beat them to ground like the Batman, you’re the Chip Leader with 18-27 guys remaining. This is the Ultimate level, just need to maintain this for another 2 hours and bragging rights are coming home!!

[URL=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamification”]Gamification [/URL] of a MTT tournamnet helps šŸ˜€

[B]The Most expensive Typo[/B]
PokerStars Game 95362363661 / Tournament
Table 711011321 24 –
Blinds : [b][color=darkred]2400/4800[/color][/b] – Ante [b][color=darkred]600.0[/color][/b]

7 players
[b][SB] [/b]pokergod1155 (55320)
[b][BB] [/b][b]dvcoolster (447802) [/b]
[1] ndrshrstd (77266)
[2] Uraganchik (148209)
[3] 10YURA10 (239583)
[4] TehJkri (166114)
[b][But] [/b]ADIIII83 (60737)

dvcoolster :3h :6h [b]Initial Pot: 11400
[i]ndrshrstd folds[/i]
[i]Uraganchik folds[/i]
[i]10YURA10 folds[/i]
TehJkri raises to 9600
[i]ADIIII83 folds[/i]
[i]pokergod1155 folds[/i]
dvcoolster raises to 22122
TehJkri calls 12522
### FLOP ### :Js :7d :Ac [b]Pot: 50844[/b]
dvcoolster bets 151515
TehJkri is All in
### TURN ### :5h [b]Pot: 345751[/b]
### RIVER ### :6c [b]Pot: 345751[/b]
dvcoolster shows :3h :6h
TehJkri shows :7h :Ad
[color=violet][b]dvcoolster[/b][/color] wins 8123 from side pot nĀ°1 with A Pair of sixes
[color=violet][b]dvcoolster[/b][/color] wins 8123 from side pot nĀ°1 with A Pair of sixes
[color=violet][b]TehJkri[/b][/color] wins 337628 from the main pot with Two pairs, aces and sevens
[color=violet][b]TehJkri[/b][/color] wins 337628 from the main pot with Two pairs, aces and sevens”
Down from 1st to 6th in one hand, that surely pissed me off! I mean seriously, that was my most expensive typo ever :D!
And the guy also flopped 2 pairs! I mean this had to be a lesson to be learnt:)

But, soon in next 5 hands was in top 3 and next 15 was back to Pole Position.

Never really looked back after that, raised every hand that was folded to me, even if I was UTG or UTG+1 or SB, (folded like 2 in 200 hands)

I was so going for 1st, that I started deal saying I want 4K when 1st was 4073 šŸ˜€

Thanks to Adi, completed the deal using Chip Chop numbers!

[The Pro Tip: You all had been waiting for this, so to win all the tourneys the 1st time you play “Flip Well, Young Jedi”] šŸ˜€ šŸ˜›

[B]India Owned Russia

This guy who was 3rd got chip chop numbers at 2670, I had already negotiated 2500 for him, So asked the moderator to re-distribute the amount over 2500. The Russian agreed to this hard bargain and that’s how India took revenge over the poor supplied arms from USSR!


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Dharamveer Singh

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