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Tournament Sunday prep. What to be mindful of

Posted by Raj Shrestha Juneja on 2020-12-12 at 7:07 PM


If you’re a responsible player and have the right mindset, you would always question- are you ready for today’s grind? “Did i not study something, is something left to be done.” The answer is , there always is and will be.

So what can you do right before and during a grind?


Make a routine and follow it.

Its a great feeling for the mind when things fall into place as planned. every task done is a sense of achievement. start the positive flow to the day!


Be confident

The trick is a balanced sense of confidence. Have faith in the effort and your experience thus far. Doubt is easy. Do not succumb to it


Meditate and be in the moment.

Meditation helps to clean the mind fog and helps one to focus and be in the moment.


Pre game talk

Choose the right poker peer and have a word about your game selection, your doubts, anything! 2 heads are better than one.


Planning is half the battle won

Game selection and Bankroll management is key. Be comfortable of the amount you’re going to play on a certain day.

Be prepared for bad beats, coolers. When you’re prepared to handle them, you can smile and move on and play the rest of your game optimally.

Glance through your notes prior, and see the key mistakes you’re making recently.

Plan for mistakes. Be ready to learn, forgive yourself and move on.


Focus on decision making

Your goal is to make the best decision you can in every spot. Use that time bank!

Results are secondary.


Make notes and have a cool down session

Make the most of your time spent grinding and use the experience for the future! Your best teacher will be your experience!

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Raj Shrestha Juneja

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