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Trust the process

Posted by Vivek Singh on 2019-02-23 at 12:02 PM

Hello everyone, hope all is going great!

Well, this is my second blog and so, I have decided to pen down something that I am following myself and literally made it my motto.

Trust the process.

Yes you read that right. As a professional poker player I am always looking to learn new things, update myself with the modern game style and adapt to how everyone is playing. To do this on a regular basis, I need the drive, the motivation to become better at my game and put the necessary work it takes off the felts.

So yesterday was the last flight – 1C of the biggest online tournament in India, hosted by PokerBaazi (Game Changer 2 Crore gtd). Despite my efforts in all flights and firing a lot of bullets, I couldn’t find a bag. I was upset and tilted because I know that I had put in a lot of my energy, power and knowledge in the game. I was fully prepared for the SSS series (Spartan poker) and the Game Changer but then I ended up bricking both.

After giving myself some time to think and emotionally detaching myself from the game, I realized that all the persistent hard work I have put in is going to make me a better and an experienced player than what I am. I understood that I have to trust the process and what it holds out there for me. The results of these tournaments should not be affecting me emotionally and mentally and I should apply all the hard work off the felts and all my knowledge that I have been taught by my mentor and coach Adi “Intervention” Agarwal.

My plan, my intention is to work hard in learning and putting in the volume to crush in the MTTs. I am blessed to have such an inspiring coach working on and with me constantly and making me better each day and in every session.

As I publish this, I am taking a day off today to spend sometime with my family which honestly I haven’t done much for the past month. I think it is very necessary to have a work-life balance to keep your journey smooth. I am really looking forward to the Sunday grind and even though I wont be starting day 2 of the Game Changer, I am really excited to play the rest of the tournaments and give 100% of myself to all the tables. I am just trusting the process of working on my game and not attaching it to the results of the grind.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope this helped you in some way. I will be coming up with a new blog soon until then peace out guys 🙂

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Vivek Singh

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