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Turn up that volume please!

Posted by Prateek Bhartia on 2012-11-30 at 12:00 AM

Last two weeks have been hectic but not poker wise. My parents celebrated their 25th anniversary last Sunday, so was really busy, doing everything from printing invites, singing a song on stage (never sang in my life before :p), seeing off guests at the airport, and everything in between. Havent been gyming either cause I did not even have time to go to the office, and am back to square one, weight wise. Sigh.. But thats just life variance, not gonna let it demotivate me.

Anyhow, The last guest departed yesterday, and now the routine is back to normal. And I have developed an appetite for poker and am going to put in some decent volume in the next few days, cause the more I play, the more situations I come accross, the more I get to discuss with Adi and the PGMP guys, the better I get. Ideally this is the best time for me to play as much as I can, while I have some guidance and some great players to give me feedback.

Adi decided to award the 4 most active people in the 2.0, by moving them to HH discussions with the first batch. I was elated to be one among them. HH reviews are probably the best way to improve your game. If you do a self HH review, mark hands you have doubts over, post them on forums, discuss with other players etc. good to know what others think of your game as long as you are open to constructive criticism :p. If you do a HH review of a weaker player, you can see spots that these players miss, how they think etc. Also answering their doubts are a good way to keep your game in check. And you literally have struck gold, when you can see a HH of a player of Adi’s caliber, pick his brain in the silliest of spots (cause he’s quite patient :D), and see all theory we learnt, being put into practice. Gave me more confidence to open ship AT with 20BB :D, which is +ev theoretically again most players.

I Was recently doing a review with another skype group, and the guy who was hosting it, had SNGwiz. Pretty cool tool I must say. Anyone who is lazy to do that poker math, I suggest you get it Asap. It also lets you do a LOT of really cool stuff, like adjusting people’s calling ranges, shoving ranges, stacks etc.. so basically you can run a lot of hypothetical situations in a particular hand > become more familiar with spots > make quicker decisions on the table >multitable more, hence more $$/hr. Gonna be getting it soon.

Since I hardly played last couple of weeks, nothing much else to talk about, so gonna keep it short in this week’s blog. Until next time then, hopefully I would have turned up that

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Prateek Bhartia

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