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Uncles and Hot Chics…

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2012-12-13 at 12:00 AM

Weird name for a year end blog but hey that’s what its all about these days. This is gonna be my last blog for 2012 and I thought it has to be something to do with the change and the entire shift to cash games.

Now before we make any assumptions I need to clarify that Tournaments is my first love and will always be. I am just trying new things and cash games happened to be one of it. A very dear friend and according to me one of the best in the country decided to stake me and coach me for Cash games specifically and I thought of giving it a shot. I am still very very much a PokerGuru Pro and will continue playing Online and Live MTT’s and will grind cash along with it. I think its important to excel in all formats I feel.

My cash game staking deal kicked off 2 weeks ago and I came to Goa with the intention of grinding cash and learning basically. As a practice I got something called to “Leak book” on my phone just to write down leaks as an when I realize them and then I work on taking it off slowly. Its tough some stuff just don’t leave you but I am trying. I ran pretty bad in the beginning but I was feeling more and more confident as the days passed. I feel more calm and composed when I play these days and I have started to like it. I am able to identify opponent leaks quicker which is great I think. Overall it has been a great learning experience.
Now to the main topic of this post. Uncles and Hot chics. I know there aint much relevance you find in this post but lemme tell you this, if you are a cash game grinder in Goa you will find relevance.
So on a Saturday night I wake up at 9 PM take a shower, change, call all the casinos, find a good game, get my stuff and and left my hotel room. Just as I step out of the hotel, I see a bunch a very very hot looking women walking into a club next door. The tournament grinder in me would have obviously said, lets just not play cash and look at spending some cash at the club. But the cash game grinder in me, snap got into the cab which was waiting and headed to the casino focused and hoping to spend the rest of the night with rich, old, uncles chewing paan.
The entire conversation or the style of conversation pretty much stays the same with both types.
With a Hot girl: Hey can get you a drink?
With the Uncle: Service, yaar ek black lable on the rocks dede yaar uncle ko.(Service, get this uncle, black label on the rocks).
HG: You are looking very pretty tonite.

Uncle: Kya pathe laga rahe hon uncle. (You are hitting flops like crazy, uncle)
Uncle: Uncle KJo pe tho dil, jann, jayezaad, sab laga de. (uncle. you can bet your entire life on KJo)
Hot Girl: It was great meeting you. Can we meet again?
Uncle: Aapke saath khelke bahut mazaa aaya. Kal aaoge aap. 200-500 khelenge…Deep. (I had great fun on the table, can we play higher stakes tomorrow?)
As illustrated in the example its basically the same thing you are saying but in a different lingo. But these two weeks in Goa have changed me for good.
I know one thing for sure I have a thing for Mature men with a lotta money.

That’s all for this year.. Good luck to you all and see you in 2013…

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Sangeeth Mohan

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